1. xplane9's Avatar
    So, I just received a Playbook 64 GB from NewEgg. Luckily, the screen is free of dead pixels and dust, but I do have the "normal" bulge on the back of the device. However, the bulge is not even and it only wobbles a little on the left side, while the right side is stable. In addition, I have noticed a tiny bubble of air on the left side of the bezel. Given that I already got lucky with a good screen, should I even bother exchanging for these defects and risk getting a worse replacement?
    02-01-12 06:51 AM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    That all depends on what you are comfortable with. Some are so ocd they aren't happy unless every little detail is perfect. For me if it works like it should and it is only a small cosmetic thing (like a little bulge) I'm not worried about it. Mine has a slight one but it has never been a problem since July.
    02-01-12 07:06 AM
  3. TinRobot's Avatar
    My PB does not have these problems but it does have a tiny light leak at the bottom right of the screen. I only notice it on an absolute black screen anyway so I don't care. My PB is not going anywhere.
    02-01-12 07:14 AM
  4. kill_9's Avatar
    My original BlackBerry PlayBook had a slight bulge on the back where the BB logo is placed. Now I noticed the bulge is no longer there although the metal logo is slightly above the back which is as it always was. So, maybe over time the bulge disappears. The think the "bulge" most people refer to is simply the raise metal logo. And some people see problems even when none exist; they are blathering idiots we all encounter in real life too.
    02-01-12 08:05 AM
  5. SassyLee's Avatar
    I have that same bulge and I brought mines used from Amazon Warehouse since it was cheaper. The bulge doesn't bother me since mines stays in a Blurex case.
    02-01-12 08:11 AM
  6. terry.h's Avatar
    I'd count yourself lucky with the screen and keep it if the bulge doesn't bother you.

    I've been through 5 playbooks now, 3 with lines on the screen, 1 with a dead pixel that stuck out on anything white.

    The one I have now has 1 stuck pixel but you can only see it on a black screen with the brightness up so I'm not bothered.

    As long as the problem doesn't bother you, I'd keep hold of it.

    It took me a while to get a Playbook I was happy with but I'm glad I stuck with it!
    02-01-12 08:19 AM
  7. FF22's Avatar
    What kind of bubble on the bezel? Is it the temporary screen protector (with those hands?)?
    02-01-12 10:13 AM
  8. xplane9's Avatar
    The bubble is just a very small air pocket on the black bezel. I took off the factory protector already, but there is a small spot where the glass is not black like the rest of the bezel. It may just be a paint error, but I will keep this one since my newly ordered Otterbox should cover it up.
    02-01-12 05:21 PM
  9. Swirlz's Avatar
    I had the same dilemma. My 64gb had a lopsided bulge with a noticeable uneven wobble. Everything else seemed fine, so I debated returning it but went ahead and did it. Now I regret it because my new one has a stuck pixel. Plus, it still has a slight wobble (but one I would totally be fine with if not for the stuck pixel). Now, I have to go through the hassle of trying to exchange it again which I'm nervous about because the price has changed at Best Buy and I'm afraid they will just refund me without letting me get another one. I'm also afraid that even if they let me get another one, i will just end up with a worse one like I did this go around.

    Long story short, unless it really bothers you, I wouldn't chance it.
    02-02-12 12:34 AM
  10. cntrydncr223's Avatar
    The bummer is, you can't just go to the store and look at another one. You MUST complete set up process first.

    My first PB had dust under the cover. I was constantly trying to clean it. Bothered me. Took it back. Wanted to see the new one's screen before taking it home. Began the setup process, figuring I'd certainly want the new one.

    Got to the initializing screen and due to Office Depot's weak wifi signal, to was going to be 10 hours to load!! (Ended up pulling the plug and doing a security wipe on it.)

    In the end, I got lucky. This one's perfect. No bulge, no dust, no lines, nothing. zip, zilch, zero, nada (where's that wood?)

    I agree with most opinions. If it bothers you, take it back. Now's the time before the warrenty (such as it is) expires. If it doesn't bother you, forget about it. (but I'm thinking it must, since you began a thread about it...) For me, I couldn't live with it.

    I'm OCD and thanks for letting me share.
    02-02-12 12:47 AM