12-30-11 07:20 AM
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  1. twe#CB's Avatar
    Just a follow up to my earlier posting......I emailed Mark Chequer and he responded fairly quickly. He did try to FedEx a playbook to me, but unfortunately there is no FedEx Saturday delivery in my area. I do appreciate that he made this effort - too bad I didn't contact him sooner.
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    12-23-11 11:39 AM
  2. JK-PhD's Avatar
    is anybody here who hasnt received their playbook yet. I am B.C, Canada, and the only thing I recieved is a non working tracking no. and a confirmation that it was shipped on Dec 2nd. I have contacted them through phone and email and this is the reply I got from them:

    I am going to escalade this for you. Please allow a couple of days for us to get back in touch with you.

    Thank You

    Lauren S.

    Order Support


    What should I do guys?? Please tell me...
    Call your credit card company and get your money back. They will not get back to you, trust me, I had a similar experience with my Playbook that was never delivered when they shipped it They do not care about your situation one bit and will not get back to you no matter how many times you email/call them.
    12-23-11 04:17 PM
  3. cogsinister's Avatar
    I wonder if SBB will be selling Playbooks once they are on sale again after Christmas ?

    I for one wont be ordering from them if they are.
    12-23-11 04:35 PM
  4. robsteve's Avatar
    It is not just shopBlackberry that has been having problems. I noticed Bestbuy was mentioned on a few news programs for canceling orders just days before Christmas. At least shopBlackberry have said if you ordered it, they will honor the price and fulfill the order.

    News Headlines
    12-23-11 05:56 PM
  5. twe#CB's Avatar
    Another update. The playbook shipped from shopblackberry via Canada Post arrived this morning - a few days earlier than the tracking stated. Well done Canada Post!

    I did also receive a followup call from shopblackberry. Certainly there have been issues with this promotion, and many people are justifyably unhappy, but I have been impressed with the followup I received.

    I am just so happy that my daughter will have her gift on Christmas morning. I sincerely hope many others who are waiting have similar luck.
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    12-23-11 06:39 PM
  6. ekjotbrar's Avatar
    atlast got my playbook delivered. Thanks to Mark Chequer who sent the playbook with overnight shipping of fedex by just sending 1 email. I should have contacted him earlier. And thanks to Twe for posting Mark' s email. His post has really helped.
    12-24-11 02:08 AM
  7. cmelchor's Avatar
    I ordered by Nov 24th and was cancelled also. After playing phone tag for a week today they charged by credit card for $220.00 Cdn. I thought when I ordered it the price was in canadian $199 - $10 coupon = $189.00 cdn and of course today's exchange is the highest

    anyone canadian customers got it for $189 or less?
    did you go on the canadian shopblackberry site or the US one? Mine was $189 plus tax came to $213.57.
    12-29-11 05:05 PM
  8. thp007's Avatar
    Mine was $213.57 cdn with tax and that what my cc was charged. There shouldn't be any exchange charged. I don't think it matters if it was purchased from Can or US side coz they are the same. If you created an account try to log in and see if you can view your order. I bought mine on Nov 26 and my transaction still shows there with the printable invoice.
    12-29-11 07:04 PM
  9. nad1157's Avatar
    I wanted to give my experience will SBB shipping support today. My order for the Playbook was placed on 12/24, I did register on the site before placing the order. I watched the status of the order go from “Order Received” to “In Fulfillment” and to “Shipped” The “Shipment Tracking Number :” is saying “NOT APPLICABLE FOR POS” ?? So today I called the 800 # listed for shipping questions and within a minute I was speaking to an agent. Very pleasant lady who seemed concerned about it and told me she had the same issue with 5 or 6 other callers today, she wanted to speak with her supervisor. After a short hold she returned and told me it was an issue with the USPS tracking system not reporting and to give it another 24 hours to see it that changes. She did confirm that my Playbook had been shipped. About 30 minutes latter I received an email from SBB Support with a tracking number and a link to USPS tracking site. Number DID NOT WORK?? After starring at the number a Few minutes I realized it was not a USPS number it was a UPS number. I plugged the number into UPS’s tracing site and there it was. Seems their website coding is a little wacky It’s trying to plug a UPS tracking number onto USPS tracing site.
    12-29-11 11:59 PM
  10. elbo's Avatar
    Got mine!! Just short of the 30 day mark.
    I'm liking it alot. The BB bridge is just fantastic.

    Looking forward to the following apps; skype, podcast aggregator, gps navigator.
    12-30-11 07:20 AM
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