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    Step 2 and Step 5 in the "How to Set Up the BB PB" show windows for entering username and password. Can these be the same or is the one on step 2 unique and strictly to access wi-fi?

    Step 5 shows two windows, both labelled Blackberry ID. Again, can they be the same or different? I want to set the username and password on the second window to be the same as that on my laptop so i can retrieve email from either one seamlessly.

    Would appreciate some clarification. Someone please give this senior some hope about his purchase of the PB. I am still not set up.

    Finally, in setting up the PB I had to go to my local community college library for wi-fi (still not set up). It is an open and unsecured network. As I do not as yet have a router at home, how do I get WPS? Am I protected by my password?
    09-20-12 07:09 PM
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    I wish I could be more helpful but I don't recall all of the steps for setup.

    But I suspect that the first window or prompt is for access to the wifi system at the college.

    Have you established a BBID already? It can be done online. You should try using an email address for the bbid that you will retain and most likely will not change. Then the password can be whatever you want. You only need that password for access to your bbid stuff.

    Later, you can actually establish a device password when you restart it or it goes into standby - this password is purely optional - some folks don't want the delay or having a password. If you forget this device password (if can also be what you want and might be one to match your other computer), the pb will wipe out your personal data and settings.

    Hope my reply helps somewhat.

    One senior to another............
    09-20-12 07:43 PM
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    The BlackBerry ID will be what you use to link to App World, and some apps, like Video Chat. In App World, the BBID will be used for any purchased apps. If you switch devices later on, you log in with the same BBID amd compatible apps will be available without having to purchase them again.
    09-20-12 08:16 PM
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    If you are asking if you can have both phone and tablet on the same ID, answer is yes, they can be the same.

    The BBID is not related to getting mail though, that you set up after the PB is up and running. Make sure your BBID is set to an email you can trust not to vanish overnight (like Google or Microsoft).

    I don't recall what each step is, but they usually have titles that are fairly on the obvious side. Just follow along and you should be okay.

    And welcome to the forums.
    09-20-12 09:10 PM
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    F2 is right. Most wifi servers require a password, except for places like Starbuck and MacDonald. Your Library would have a password,asked for on screen two.

    The screen that asked you for an I'D and password was a request from blackberry. You can sign up for one using the prompt given if you don't have one yet. Use an email address. This is how blackberry will contact you. If you later buy another blackberry device, you can use the same I'D with this. Pick an easy to remember password and write it down. Don't use the same password as you use to get into that email account.

    Don't worry about giving this information over an non secure network. Your id and password are connected to your playbook and not useful to someone else.You will not be asked for credit card information or the like. Once you set your id and password, you will be able to download any updates for your playbook, install and restart. Then you can take the onscreen tutorial to get started!

    Note : you may or may not have to enter a password to login again at the library.

    Also, you will likely want to install a router at home.
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    09-20-12 09:21 PM
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    Folks, the first prompt (Step 2) I can understand and is to be used for access to wi-fi. But frankly I am somewhat confused by a couple of responses. It is in Step 5 where I am confused. Specifically:

    1) BB ID for App World, Chat, etc.: should I use something different from the next window which is

    2)Username and password for email. (this is clear to me)

    for (1) Username=chatterby; password= abc123z
    for (2) Username=nicescreen; password= 64rogerthat

    Do my examples look plausible? If i can fully understand this I believe I have made a huge stride forward because the rest of setup is intuitive.
    09-20-12 11:15 PM
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    It's asking you for your Blackberry ID. If you have a BB smartphone, then you can use the same ID. If not, you will create a new ID.
    09-21-12 01:41 AM
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    It is in Step 5 where I am confused. Specifically:

    1) BB ID for App World, Chat, etc.: should I use something different from the next window which is

    2)Username and password for email. (this is clear to me)
    Well do you have an existing BB ID or not? If so, insert it; if not , leave that space blank. You'll then need to create a BBID. You create one by inserting your email address. Do not then use your existing password for this email account as your password for your BBID. Use a different password.
    09-21-12 10:28 AM
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    Tried again to set up using wi-fi (second time). Here's what happened:

    Screen 1. CONNECT TO WI-FI. Currently connected to Sonoma County library.

    Screen 2. DATE AND TIME. Set date and time automatically "on," and Time Zone set to Pacific (-8)

    Country: United States (English) After selecting this I get the error message "Unable to display the Blackberry Agreement. Please select your country and language, then try again."

    OK I do see below that a link to "Create a Blackberry ID." But why in does RIM not place this line beforegoing to the window that asks to set the date and time?

    I have reached the point where I am going to ask BB for a RMA because I believe I have a charging issue, which is all to common from the numerous posts I have read. Totally frustrated and stuck with a 64GB item.

    P.S. And Oh, i tried signing up for BB Support forum and they asked for my PB Serial number. I typed it in (carefully checking) and guess what? the response was that this is an invalid number!!! WTF.
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    09-21-12 06:24 PM
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    I'm not sure I understand some of your concerns. The default shows USA English but you still need to SELECT it.

    Why should RIM make you choose an id before you enter a date? Why would that matter?

    Glad you have now seen the option to create an id.

    I repeat that you should have someone more familiar with electronics guide you through this. As for your battery problem, get through the setup and then charge the pb for a few hours. I don't think you have a defective unit.You just need to set up the device and use the apps on it that show you how to operate it. PS you will need wifi to view the video linked to the. Apps.
    09-21-12 07:29 PM