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    I don't normally write to companies, I will write to their forums, blogs, or their suggestion links, but not to a company. Research in Motion seems to be a company that I want to support, and so I wrote a quick email describing some future updates I would like to see (some minor or important for OS2 and some larger for OS3). I mentioned a few partnerships, but not Kindle, Skype, Netflix or things they must have heard a 1000 times. I won't paste the part of the apps because that tend to bring reduntant conversations of threads already made. I will say I did mention possibly enhancing MS's support (update to Bing Maps and bring some others in), and seeing to bring in the NHL app, as Blackberry generally supports the NHL.

    So here is the updates I would like to see and that I sent to RIM. Ignoring apps people want and bridge improvements (I do not use bridge, so I didn't have anything to draw from on that front), how does the list look?

    I RIM Apps

    a. Browser *

    i. Bookmark organization in folders and sub folders *

    ii. Bezel scrolling option

    b. File Manager *

    i. Create folders and sub folders in each predefined tabs. *

    ii. Add "safe" tab *

    1. Move documents and pdfs to a tab accessed only by a password

    2. Files hidden from other apps (Docs to Go, Adobe, etc)

    c. Docs To Go

    i. Create PowerPoint from scratch

    ii. Print

    iii. Save/print as PDF

    d. Pictures/Video

    i. Option to see the date taken

    ii. Share photo through the app itself (E-mail, Facebook, etc.)

    e. Contacts

    i. Allow grouping

    f. Bring more RIM apps to PlayBook

    i. BlackBerry Travel

    ii. BlackBerry Traffic

    iii. BlackBerry Wallet (Password protected)

    iv. Twitter

    v. Google Talk/ Windows Live Messenger/ Yahoo Messenger

    vi. BlackBerry Feedback Tool

    g. Create a task manager

    II. Partner (Current and Possible) Apps

    a. Adobe

    i. PDF app with full features

    III. App World

    a. Ability to delete selected uninstalled history

    b. See all apps by a certain developer

    c. Similar apps

    d. Allow review to be changed by reviewer (bugs fixed, review may change)

    IV. OS 2.0

    a. Built in dictionary and thesaurus

    b. Docked clock/alarm clock/weather mode

    c. Password protection option for Contacts/Messages/Calendar apps

    d. “Return to/Contact information” button at password screen (not hidden under the keyboard popup)

    e. Have different color notification lights option

    i. Option to choose color of notification light dependent on account. Example: Facebook Green, Personal e-mail accounts blue, Work e-mail account red. Maybe option to have urgent emails have a color light. Lights could alternate if a user happens to have new messages in multiple accounts

    f. Closing the last app, the home page stays down (an option- my personal preference).

    g. Regular updates

    ****I don't really expect a reply back or anything to come from this, but hopefully it is noticed. Also I pasted the list in, so the formatting is not quite right on this thread, sorry.*****

    It is in the outline format, not sure if that is used anymore. So it branches like this: I, a, i, 1
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    Always good to give constructive ideas and thoughts to them !!

    Helps offset the overwhelming negatives that most corps receive as we tend not convey the positives often enough to them other than in sales ....

    Hopefully they at least send ya a thank you, otherwise just another dead letter email address imho
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    I agree with many of those.

    I did one of these lists about the first version I tried (posted in the blackberry community forum) and a quick review after the 2.0 release. Guess the tone was too negative

    Which email did you use (after 2.0 I sent a couple of email to inside blackberry about bugs in the Sheets to Go, App World and also debating the whole Adobe reader fiasco... didn't get any answer or so far seen anything fixed)?

    Personally I think there should be a sticky grouping these the items in these sort of posts (not just here bu also at the official blackberry community forums). RIM should create something in the lines of Bugzilla (actually every single tech company should do this).
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    Every time I email RIM I get a message back saying it wasn't delivered and I should try their other contact methods...
    03-03-12 02:12 PM
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    Which email did you use
    Yeah it was a dead e-mail address (I assume, as I haven't heard anything back, not even an automated "Thanks for your support, we care about all our customers!" message.

    I keep updating this little list and I will keep searching for an email address that goes to a corporate person. I wouldn't expect much or really anything (corporations are alike), but as a consumer, it would be nice to, at the very least, get a token response. Of course it would be amazing if RIM sees the feedback and work on some of it!

    Edit: Updating the list on my end, I haven't updated the list that I originally posted here.
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    some times I feel that I'm wasting my time!!!!!
    Management at RIM are blind, and deaf.
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    04-13-13 11:44 AM
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    Why? Because you and other person sent to a bad email address?

    I've had numerous correspondence with BlackBerry project managers. They have made themselves available and are very willing to take suggestions. I actually received a phone call from a BlackBerry support which impressed the hell out of me.

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    04-13-13 12:07 PM
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    Why? Because you and other person sent to a bad email address?

    I've had numerous correspondence with BlackBerry project managers. They have made themselves available and are very willing to take suggestions. I actually received a phone call from a BlackBerry support which impressed the hell out of me.

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    Agreed, I have found them quite receptive to ideas and they have made promises about users being pleasantly suprised at the eventual BB10 release for the PlayBook.
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    I'd like them to encourage

    Ascendo DataVault

    I have it on my bbphone and my computer. It would be terrific on the pb.
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    OP you should ask BlackBerry to become a beta tester IMO.

    Posted Via CB10 on my Zed10
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    04-13-13 02:35 PM
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    I forgot all about this thread haha. As for the e-mail, I never received a response but I honestly don't know the "right people" or an email address that is not support. I chalk it up to probably using a dead address and take no hard feelings to BlackBerry.

    Maybe once BB10 comes out for the PlayBook I will revise the list (I won't have the Z10 until next month at the earliest, so I don't know what BB10 offers or lacks) and post it. If it looks good then possibly someone can PM me a good e-mail address. I find BB is amazing at the big picture, it is just the details that tend to lack a bit.
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    I sent them suggestion too all i got back from the email was this
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    In my opinion. They did read ur email. But they properly did nothing
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