1. eduard's Avatar
    I got the playbook couple days ago and found out there were problems
    Dead pixels
    Frozen for no reason
    Screen goes black when opened pictures app had to reeboot for fix
    Bulge at the back

    will they exchange it or just try and open the tablet and fix the problem
    thanks for the replys in advance
    12-21-11 12:25 AM
  2. SK122387's Avatar
    I had finally gotten the perfect PlayBook after a few with dead pixels that I exchanged at Best Buy. A few months after, I was messing with the video recorder, seeing what the hype of 1080HD recording was all about. Video recorded fine. Until I went to replay it back. Picture quality was great, but the sound was completely ruined, just pure static (imagine someone rubbing their shirt into the mic while you're on the phone with them).

    I retried a few times, and ended up calling RIM. I had heard horror stories on here where RIM had determined people's PlayBooks were damaged by the user, and the user was given the option of RIM discarding the PlayBook for them, or having it sent back to them, unrepaired.

    My PlayBook had never been dropped, it was in perfect condition, so there was no way the microphone could have been broken by me.

    Anyway, the box to put my PlayBook in to ship to RIM came, and literally 3 days later, a box came with a brand new PlayBook!!! It even had the new power button, which was raised and easier to press than on earlier models, where the power button was almost flat and hard to press.

    I was completely satisfied by RIMs processes, and really happy to get a new one, though I would have been happy if they had just repaired mine.
    12-21-11 02:12 AM