01-20-12 05:36 PM
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  1. renownedanonymous's Avatar
    If you're planning on keeping a Blackberry smartphone for the next year I would keep the Playbook.

    Also, having both you should be able to decide which you like the best as far as usability and function.

    I agree with everyone else when they say you'll get the most money for the iPad.

    I'm personally not impressed with the iPad 2 and told myself I'd wait for the iPad 3 to see if a real update is made to the hardware.
    01-18-12 09:30 PM
  2. lostaggie's Avatar
    iPad will get more money and with the 3 coming soon you will lose out on value if you sell later.

    The PB resell market is weak so you are not going to get much.

    You can always get the iPad 3 in a few months.
    01-18-12 09:36 PM
  3. Megacharge's Avatar
    Background: I got a free iPad2 16GB.

    I own a 32GB Playbook.

    I have to sell one (need the money)... I was originally planning to sell the iPad. But when i told my friends about they laughed and said: "who the prefers a crap like the playbook over an iPad?"

    I got a bit upset... so now i'm in doubt, which one should I sell?

    Any comments to make me feel better about muggles are well received.
    It's quite obvious if money is the more important thing you will sell the iPad 2. You will make quite a bit of profit off a free iPad 2, where as you will take a loss on the Playbook. The Playbook is getting some very good games and apps lately and they are coming surprisingly quick. Seems every week there are good new games and apps.

    It just boils down to what would you rather have, the Playbook that has served you well + around $400 USD cash, or an iPad 2, with + $100 USD or maybe $200 USD max for the Playbook?
    01-18-12 09:43 PM
  4. DMonastra's Avatar
    Like everyone said, you could get like twice as much for the Ipad.

    If I were you, it comes down to this: IF you plan on continuing to use blackberry phones than I would keep the playbook, and when you're with your friends in the car or in the street or at the park or wherever and YOU are the one who has internet , YOU will be the one laughing.

    If you are happy with the Playbook, and it fits you well, then who cares what some kids say??? Be proud of having something different and unique!!!(and superior :P)
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    01-18-12 10:07 PM
  5. menaknow's Avatar
    Heres an idea.

    Grab a line paper and write what you have and would use a tablet for.

    Now make two columns, one with iPad and one with Playbook. Check each item in which column that feature/use would work. The one that has more should be the one you keep.

    However if you need money... Disregard what is stated above and sell iPad as it is in new condition and resale will be higher.
    01-18-12 10:20 PM
  6. alekza's Avatar
    I wish i could keep them both.. but again... it would imply one of them getting more dust.
    The playbook in here sells high... i can easily get $450 for a used 16 GB. Maybe $550 for a used 32GB.

    So as for which one gives more cash is irrelevant.

    I think i'll keep the PB, i really like my little guy.

    Thanks for the inputs and suggestions.

    Who wants to be my friend now? need new ones.
    01-20-12 05:36 PM
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