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    A new problem.

    When browsing, some secure websites now just return a 'network not available error message. I read that this is due to out of date security certificates. One thread just suggested to import a newer certificate which involved first placing the certificate in the Certificates folder. Next challenge is that this folder seems to be inaccessible from a pc via usb. Using Ghost Commander, I can see it exists but it is read only so can't put anything in it.

    Is it possible to change the permission of this folder so I can insert a new certificate and then import it?

    Am I on the right route to solve the problem or is there some other way? Does this need to be done on a 'rooted' Playbook, which I believe is now impossible for 2.1.01917.

    Any thoughts?

    07-30-19 09:38 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Should only have to import them

    1) Go to settings
    2) Select security settings
    3) Select "Certificates" on the right frame
    4) Click import
    Follow the instructions on the screen.

    But some of the issues are the age of the browser and lack of meeting minimum security standards, no certificate is going to fix that. You can try some of the other browsers, but most the native ones are in the same boat and few Android ones that support that runtime are any better.
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    07-31-19 08:27 AM
  3. advb's Avatar
    Yes, this is what I tried to do. It says "copy them into the Certificates folder" but on the PC, I can't see the 'Certificates' folder, only the shared folders.
    If I look on the device itself, I can see a Certificates folder but I can't put anything in it because I don't have the privileges. Should I create another 'Certificates folder somewhere else and if so, where?

    Thanks for your advice.
    07-31-19 12:24 PM
  4. jamescarruthers's Avatar
    You should be able to plug your Playbook on a computer and have access to this certificates folder. Add the required certificates to the Playbook from the computer. Then you can import the certificates within the playbook settings menu. You can't access the folder from the Playbook.

    It's a weird way of doing things. There are plenty of tutorials and some videos online of how it should work. I did it a few months ago to reinstall my VPN certificate. Have a search on here or Google.

    Posted via CB10
    08-06-19 08:34 AM

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