1. FF22's Avatar
    I've asked this in the Kalemsoft thread but so far have not gotten a reply that suggests a working method. I wonder if anyone of you have figured this out:

    This may not be Kalemsoft specific but I decided to watch a video using hdmi while trying to control the pb using both or either of my 9930 or the official rim bluetooth keyboard.

    I can control the individual playback, pause, etc. What I canNOT do is I canNOT scroll down to see additional titles below the rows that are showing. In other words if the Left Side shows 8 video titles (the pb is downstairs) but there are additional titles lower down since I might have 20 or 30 videos in that folder, is there a way to scroll the Title List (up or down) using either the 9930 or the bt keyboard? Or even with a 3rd party mouse?

    I just tried in Files&Folders and it appears that I can do some scrolling. So maybe it is software dependent. I guess if a scroll bar that can be "gripped" and pulled might be necessary or at least make this more possible.

    Thanks in advance
    03-15-13 08:43 PM
  2. Chaddface's Avatar
    It may be a Kalemsoft issue. I can scroll through the native videos with the 9900 using two fingers or alt+trackpad.
    03-15-13 08:56 PM
  3. Enyigma's Avatar
    I get the same result when trying to scroll with the touchpad of the BB mini BlueTooth keyboard. Scrolling acts as a series of clicks or taps The arrow keys don't work either..

    Obviously, KalemSoft did not take into account some of us would be using remote BlueTooth devices to scroll up and down the movie list.

    A shortcut that does work to get to a specific title is to type in the name and that brings up the specific movie, show or clip.
    03-15-13 09:36 PM
  4. Chaddface's Avatar
    Can't scroll in Ghost Commander.
    03-15-13 09:39 PM
  5. Enyigma's Avatar
    Can't scroll in Ghost Commander.
    Well, maybe not with the touch pad, but the arrows work for scrolling in Ghost Commander.
    03-15-13 10:05 PM
  6. Chaddface's Avatar
    Well, maybe not with the touch pad, but the arrows work for scrolling in Ghost Commander.
    I was speaking about the bridge remote. I don't have the keyboard.
    03-15-13 10:10 PM
  7. Enyigma's Avatar
    I was speaking about the bridge remote. I don't have the keyboard.
    Ah, the 9900. I wasn't familiar with that. I had only presumed it also had an arrow/rocker feature like my cheapie phone.
    03-15-13 10:21 PM
  8. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar
    I was having a little trouble w/ this when I 1st started messin' w/ bridged remote function,,, when the cursor gets to the bottom, (or top), of the screen/page, double tap phone touchscreen,,, this will scroll/open page/screen...
    03-16-13 12:42 AM
  9. wiredr's Avatar
    Has any one tried to see if the same scrolling issue is with the z10 /q10 ?
    I have the bb mini keyboard and a logitech mx5000 mouse. These seem to work quite well But
    Not all apps recognise keyboard or mouse or both ie. Nerdberry's "nb news" app for playbook
    Total fail , ghost commander mouse support pointer select only ,crackberry app for playbook , no scrolling . how can the blackberry experience advance when simple actions like scrolling are not part of the core os but rely on third party devs to write into app code
    FF22 likes this.
    03-16-13 12:47 PM

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