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    This is my latest question to support. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it. I'm at my wit's end trying to make the PB work.

    This is my 13th email resulting from ongoing problems with this, my second,
    Playbook, not to mention multiple phone calls. I'm very tired of being a
    Playbook mechanic. My last email regarding insensitive screen response was
    never answered.

    Today I tried to back up my second Playbook, and it locked up my Mac Pro.
    The same thing happened four times along with the PB crashing as well. I
    made sure everything was up to date, downloading yet again the Playbook
    Desktop Software. I installed a fresh download of the desktop software
    today on my iMac and was able to get the PB to back up to the iMac. It took
    two efforts to import pictures files from the PB to the iMac. When I tried
    to send .mp3 files from the iMac to the PB, it wouldn't work after repeated
    attempts. Communication timed out, so I closed and disconnected, reopened
    and tried again. After waiting quite a while, the connection timed out and
    locked up my iMac with the worst screen warning a Mac can give you in
    multiple languages. Unlike most lockups, this one can't be cleared with the
    usual option/cmd/esc function. It requires a hard shutdown and reboot, an
    undesirable method and one that has occurred only a couple of times in my
    years of owning Macs. Do I need to return this PB under warranty as well?
    Or is this all I can expect from a PB? By the way, at Office Depot I tried
    several tablets from very cheap to about $300, and none had issues with
    screen sensitivity, all very responsive. I've ordered a Rocketfish stylus
    (reviews say this is the only one found to work with the PB) in hopes of
    getting this PB to work. The only reliable touch function on my PB is the
    keyboard. Last calendar input required 11 taps.

    Bill Sandifer
    10-24-12 02:34 PM
  2. Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes's Avatar
    Emailing support often results in no response. Call em
    10-24-12 03:12 PM

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