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    Okay - so my 5 year old fell while holding my playbook and it dropped on the corner, of course, and the screen broke. It was still usable, however there was a bit of sharp areas at the corner where the impact occurred.

    So, I found a video of how to take apart the playbook here. I also ordered a replacement screen+frame/bezel.

    When it arrived, I followed along with the video and successfully took apart my playbook, replaced the screen and bezel, put it all back together and it works great.

    However, here's what the video doesn't show you.

    1. There are ribbon connectors that you must be VERY careful not to severe. If you're replacing the bezel, you have to actually remove these ribbon connectors.
    one of the ribbon connectors is for the camera and the other is for the headphone jack. They are both held in place with double sided tape. I used a pen cap to assist in lifting from the tape. To remove the headphone jack from it's holder (which has clips), I plugged in my headphones and used the headphone post as leverage to remove the jack - being careful not to assert too much force so that after I remove it from it's holder that I don't accidentally rip the ribbon.

    Now, on to the bezel - the replacement bezel I received from truesupplier.com has a couple of issues.
    1. where the little three pronged whatchamacallit is on the bottom center-right area the bezel had a little flange of metal that needed to be filed off.
    2. there are two posts that screws go into to hold the bottom part of the motherboard, well, the replacement bezel's post screw holes are too big for the original screws, so I left those out.

    One more thing, the plastic tool I bought for $3.99 was useless... instead, I used a super flexible metal spatula type tool to open my case. If you have guitar picks, those would probably work as well. The plastic tool snapped within 10 seconds.

    I hope this post helps you if/when you have to replace your playbook screen.

    I meant to take video, but I got too involved in replacing it that I forgot ... next time

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    Oh, I should mention - now my power button isn't so flush to the frame and is a LOT easier to press.
    07-08-11 05:36 PM
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    thanks for the headsup.
    07-08-11 06:25 PM
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    Props for trusting your son with your playbook (despite the unfortunate slip). Maybe a case this time around?
    07-08-11 06:46 PM
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    Wow, congrats on the successful repair. I would second the "get a case" suggestion. I've got the CaseMate Pop case and it saved my PB from a chest high drop onto the sidewalk I still can't believe it...
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    07-08-11 07:05 PM
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    Nice writeup but I'd not let a 5 year old near a piece of high end electronics until he'd fallen off a bike at least a few times. Actions = consequences.
    07-08-11 07:15 PM
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    Wish you could do a video next time! (not that I wish your PB will get dropped again )
    Great job for a successful DIY.
    07-08-11 07:42 PM
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    Good to hear you fixed it but get a OtterBox or another tough case. 5yr old and fragile electronics aren't a healthy mix, this thing ain't got gorrila glass.

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    07-08-11 08:12 PM
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    Thanks for the info! I'm glad it's working again!

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    07-08-11 08:28 PM
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    Wow, congrats on the successful repair. I would second the "get a case" suggestion. I've got the CaseMate Pop case and it saved my PB from a chest high drop onto the sidewalk I still can't believe it...
    ha, that's what everyone tells me...

    i got this PB free along with 6,000 other people at the BB World.

    I'll get a case now... until then, off limits to any of my kids

    that one you mention looks pretty good
    07-08-11 10:32 PM
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    Guitar picks +100... They are super-easy to use and they don't leave marks. Guitar shops usually have a 'variety pack' of generic nylon picks available for dirt cheap so you'll always have the one you need.
    07-08-11 11:53 PM
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    Old Credit Cards are good for prying the case apart also. And they are easy to cut into strips to use as shims the areas you are already pried do not spring back quite so quickly.

    03-30-12 12:00 AM
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    The tape that holds the screen in has a bit of thickness to it. Not your standard two sided sticky tape as I call it. So the quest this morning was to find the tape. It would super sharp of the scree suppliers to supply the necessary length of tape.

    Electronics supply stores had no idea what I was looking for. Radio Shack tried to be helpful but had nothing either.

    On a lark I tried the office supply store by my wifes office and they had the perfect tape in their scrap booking supply section. "Glue Dots" brand continuous line worked perfectly! The 25 foot roll was $4.99 and hopefully I do not have to repair enough tablet screens to use the whole roll!

    I used the blowdryer method to soften the original tape enough to pull out the old screen and just for a good set on the new screen heated it up just a bit before pressing the new screen in level. My 14 year old who is usually my harshest critic looked at the finished product and said I should be a pro!

    03-31-12 01:34 AM
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    Is the final assembly working? Good luck.
    03-31-12 09:29 AM
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    Hello All,

    Yep….it happened…I broke my Playbook. Well….I’ll accept credit since I’m the one that handed it to my toddler. He was playing Robotek (ROBOTEK) and was so excited he won that he ran to tell me. The rest is history.

    I’ve done so much to my BB’s over the years and came to Crackberry each time for the best info and help. Here’s my contribution to the community.

    Problem: Your front glass of your PB is cracked, but the LCD underneath and the unit itself is all operational. No touch ability.

    Solution: I recommend buying the new glass and bezel together: OEM Blackberry PlayBook Touch Screen With Bezel

    How to fix: First watch this other video ( ) in order to tear down your playbook so the glass and bezel are fully exposed. Then watch my video that picks up where the other left off. Its 18 minutes long, because I included my mistakes and statement blunders without editing, so be please be kind. Enjoy.

    Newly rebuilt old Playbook working just perfectly fine. No security wipe or OS reload needed.

    (much thanks to TnTSCS for starting this thread)
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    07-02-12 04:22 PM
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    Thanks for sharing. Well done although I hope I do NOT need it. And it appears you did it without editing.
    07-02-12 06:10 PM