1. kretch's Avatar
    I purchased a 2nd PlayBook at what I call The Great 64GB Sale @ Office Depot.

    Anyway my 2 playbooks screens do not have the same color hue.
    My older purchase (16GB serial 1345-4482-xxxx) has a screen that appears to have more red hues to it and the new purchase (64GB serial 1343-5946-xxxx) has a more color correct screen.

    You may ask how do I know that the new PB has a more color correct screen.

    Well I did a screen capture on both PlayBooks then opened them up on my desktop computer, both photos look the same on the computer as they should.

    Now, when you look at the PB screen captures on the computer and compare the PlayBook screen thats when you can see that the new PlayBooks screen is almost a dead on match and the older PB screen has a more red hue to it.
    Now its not red by any means, just a more warm look.

    Back to my new playbook purchase.....It's shading is not blue or any other shade for those that are going to add there 2 cents worth about older 64GB PlayBooks with lower serial numbers that are made with cheap parts. I think that is an urban legend.

    08-22-12 03:00 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    There have been other observations of color (translation for some - colour) differences between pb. Probably a matter of tolerances in manufacture or different manufacturers.
    08-22-12 04:06 PM