09-09-12 04:41 PM
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    A very sharp contrast here is to mention that BlackBerry imagines it's users to be 'more' hand-on with their devices rather than the devices be just an addition to their daily lives as shown in the commercial here.

    BlackBerry has been very vocal in the past about them wanting their devices to be an extension of the user helping them constantly throughout the day with varying tasks from personal to business.

    The typical usage of a BlackBerry user is not as graphic as shown in this Samsung commercial but much more streamlined and for most part in an office environment (not limited to your cubicle). Excessive multi-tasking can be taxing on the mind and also be intrusive with a clear mind thinking process. The need for wanting to use 'more' of what's given to us can simultaneously harm us in the real-world by actually using 'less' of what we need.

    This Samsung commercial resembles the recently launched celebrity lifestyle commercials by Apple for the New iPad.

    So that's what RIM was trying to convey with their "Wake up!" ad.
    08-24-12 11:23 AM
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    You mean like RIM's bike ad?

    If you read the comments about that ad, RIM probably boosted bicycle and glow paint sales more than BB sales.

    BlackBerry Bold Bikes Commercial
    Maybe that's what I'm trying to say.. BB Bold being a 'part' of the consumer.. and unlike others, the phone here doesn't outshine the consumer and his wants.. The bike event is bigger and more important than a phone.. be it a BB.. That's real.. Showing how life revolves around a phone is not.

    Also, technically the focus is on the bike and the lifestyle to show what kind of people are affiliated with the BlackBerry brand. They are people who 'do' things and BlackBerry helps them with that at the core..

    Sure, Siri would have reminded you to be there on time.. but BBM (shown in the add) has groups, events, lists with notifications, reminders and live communication. All tools essential with coordinating even a simple event. Very easy to use & key word here is 'non-intrusive' ...

    This ad again justifies the point I was trying to make earlier which is that RIM is inclined towards servicing existing customers rather than constantly try to increase their market share. As an existing BBM user, you see the ad and immediately understand how BBM is the helpful tool in this scenario. As an outsider (non-bb user) all you see is Cycles and 'SMS' ..

    So that's what RIM was trying to convey with their "Wake up!" ad.
    Wake up is great! It's freedom of speech and a note to all BB to iPhone switchers..
    08-25-12 12:42 AM
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    I haven't been to the forums for a while, so I'll try to reply to the questions.

    We now have 6 Note 10.1's. 3 PlayBook. 2 iPads.

    The 6 notes are used for productive purposes in a work environment. The ability create professional looking documents with photos, shapes, text boxes, arrows, etc via the s pen and s note programs has really helped our business.

    The Multitasking of the Note is a none argument, where it keeps the app running or suspends it makes no real world difference in my opinion. Either implementation of multitasking does what I want it to do. Quick switch between programs and documents.

    Today I fly to Tokyo, then on to China, with the microsd cards I take as much movies etc as I want. No storage limit.

    Share to function works within all apps, looking at a photo, share to button, email. Simple, like os 7 yet after more than a year the PlayBook can't do this. I've said it before, its like the PlayBook wasn't made by BlackBerry.

    I've found uses for all the tablets, I prefer the PlayBook size for morning news and quick surfing before I get out of bed. IPads the kids now use for YouTube, and the Note 10.1 are used all day for work.

    If you find yourself visiting crackberry everyday for information on when the PlayBook will be updated with features then buy another tablet and move on. It's really not worth the time.

    Horses for causes, I've found the devices that works for us.
    09-09-12 04:41 PM
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