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    Anyone here working for RIM?
    Trying to establish a RMA and get my playbook fixed on warranty, however I keep getting rejected. Is it RIM standard service protocol to not even want to hear details?
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    10-02-12 06:30 AM
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    Are you calling the BlackBerry PlayBook Support telephone number? You can request escalation to Tier 2 (associate) or Tier 3 (analyst) support if the front-line call centre person does not satisfy you. Your BlackBerry PlayBook is within the 1-year manufacturer's warranty period and the 90-day technical support period, right?
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    10-02-12 06:55 AM
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    I havnt tried to escalate yet.
    Aye, my playbook is still within the 1-year warranty, however, I've had it for more than 90-days.
    10-02-12 07:00 AM
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    After 90 days they will just repair rather than replace. Are they refusing to repair it?
    10-02-12 07:07 AM
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    Ah so thats how the 90 days thing works.
    They are refusing to start a process at all. I've even tried to email them, and every single time I get the same automated reply "Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Customer Support. We are sorry but we are unable to process your request" etc etc etc.
    10-02-12 07:21 AM
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    You need to start the process by phone. They will ask you your serial number and if it is eligible for support, they will give you a web page link to go to and accept the terms of service and activate technical support on your PlayBook. Until you complete this step, they have no way of processing the support request. Once you are setup and have a case number, you can then call or email support regarding the case. Without this case or support ID number in your email subject, emails to support will bounce back.

    One more important item is that the PlayBook has to have been purchased from the region in which you require support. For example, if your PlayBook was purchased in the Canada/USA, only the USA support can process repair requests and the unit needs to be shipped from the Canada/USA because of customs regulations. I am a Canadian and when I had a PlayBook repaired, it shipped back to the USA service depot with a very long customs declaration form. For example, they would not have the logistics/customs paperwork to ship a PlayBook back to Denmark.

    Have you talked to support on the phone?
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    I have contacted by phone, yes. Just tried again and escalated as you suggested. I came through and have now received an email with a ticket #
    Luckily I rang the UK support first time around as this is where purchased the unit.
    Thanks BB9700 and Robsteve
    10-02-12 07:36 AM