1. geogejost's Avatar
    Finally, I got one. Thank God.

    What a difference
    1) easy right mouse button (two fingers on mouse)
    2) cases where other keyboard doesn't come up do not matter
    3) very compatible with respect to blue tooth

    I had earlier made the mistake of buying a hipstreet one. That one was nowhere near as good as the one from RIM!!!

    Basically, RIM keyboard, I rate A+.
    The other, I rate as a C.
    06-22-12 10:54 AM
  2. svelt's Avatar
    It's fantastic. I got it at $99 and considering I didn't buy a case for the PB, the price is very reasonable as it includes more or less the convertible case. I strongly recommend a BT mouse with it too if you're going to do any serious amount of travelling with it - I took it with me on a 3 week long trip just now and borrowed and BT mouse and I was almost completely satisfied with how I could do 80% of what I would have done with a desktop.

    With these two accessories the PB has completely replaced the need for a netbook for me at about the same cost, with the advantages of being able to convert into a tablet for portability, bridging for a 3G connection anywhere and bridged messages/memos. It took a while since I bought it in November with the price reduction, but I'm extremely satisfied with the device and there is even more to look forward to. Bravo, RIM.
    06-22-12 12:53 PM
  3. kretch's Avatar
    I'm seeing them online for $75.99 and another place for $86.99 with a 2 - 3 week waiting period.

    I may order one and wait the 3 weeks as it is not long if you are saving 30+ bucks or more.

    06-22-12 02:14 PM