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    I've got my PlayBook in January, some love and hate, and longing to seeing big improvements in OS 2.0 but like most of the PlayBook owners, a bit disappointed - Email usability and reliability, fair. Browser stability, still fair (Desktop browser is even snappier!!), Calendar, pretty standard. Apps, tons of Android-ported rubbish. Overall, still an immature OS.

    But it's okay, I don't want to get an android Kindle Fire although my main use is reading eBooks and PDF magazines. The gesture and cascade (calculator, scrapbook apps) made this OS special. And there comes the announcement of BB10 on PlayBook made me expects something from RIM again.

    But the sad thing happens again, BB10 is going to be delayed again and won't be seen until 2013 It's now July 2012. What takes RIM so long to make a decent OS?

    Be frank, when BB10 comes out, i dont think it will be as mature as iOS 5/6, Android 4/4.1, not even Windows Phone/Windows 8 RT. But there is a chance that BB10 will make PlayBook a decent device. But it really takes so much waiting, especially in the tech world.

    new iPhone, iPad, nexus 7, Windows tablets will come out this year, who else will wait for BB10 with unknown features, UI etc?

    I surrender now, sold my PlayBook this morning so that I dont have to keep visiting crackberry for the latest "news", bad news most of the time.

    I tried so hard to love my PlayBook, and RIM but they keep on disappointing people.
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    07-05-12 09:32 PM
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    Byeeee! Safe travels. We'll be here when you get back.

    07-05-12 09:39 PM