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    I have always liked the native video player, because it plays many files that I have. Not all, but I liked it. Except it could never bookmark the video, so you could resume playing a video at the last point played. Now there are solutions in App World. But they do cost.

    1. AutoPlay Media Player $0.99

    2. Remote Media Player $1.99

    3. KalemSoft Media Player $6.99

    There maybe others, I'm not sure. The first 2, seems to skins of the native video player, while the last one seems to be a separate player.

    I will admit, I have bought Remote Media Player and I like it. You can reverse or fast forward in 30 second intervals. AutoPlay can play a playlist and KalemSoft will play ac3 encoded videos, among other things.

    This is also QMplayer in App World. It has a free trial. Then, you need to buy it. Not sure on price.
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    11-05-12 11:15 PM
  2. pacoman03's Avatar
    See my thread here re mVideoPlayer, which has resume function- http://forums.crackberry.com/android...aybook-751459/
    11-06-12 12:10 AM
  3. joshua_sx1's Avatar
    Speaking of, how in the world that our PlayBook is the only tablet that don't have this feature in native application?
    11-06-12 03:38 AM
  4. Chrysalis1156's Avatar
    Sad that RIM didn't include this seemingly basic function into the native media player. I use AutoPlay and I love it. The interface is easy to use and when I stop watching a video it is automatically bookmarked.
    11-06-12 09:57 AM
  5. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    Speaking of, how in the world that our PlayBook is the only tablet that don't have this feature in native application?
    Joshua has a good point. Sometimes I wonder what the RIM software engineers were thinking when they put some of these native apps out there. When a simple feature like resume is missing, you realize they haven't really tested these thoroughly with focus groups to find out which features real people think should just be there. For example, we had to wait so long to get a video player with a playlist feature. (FYI: for that I use "Autoplay Videos".)

    I remember way back when DOS was being replaced by Windows, our company sent some IT guys around to ask what computing features we needed. I mentioned it would be nice to switch back and forth quickly between a spreadsheet and a word processing document and be able to copy & paste between them. This was the late 80's I think. The guy looked at me like I was from Mars. I think RIM has quite a few people with this old IT attitude of "give them only what they most urgently need" instead of "how can we make it a smooth and intuitive experience that will delight and please the user".

    Hate to digress off topic but the one that constantly boggles me is when you get to a dialog box but the bottom of it (which has the most common option like "ok" or "save" or "skip") is off the bottom of the screen cuz some programmer didn't bother to make the dialog box centre itself on the screen. So the user has to scroll down to get there, with the attendant risk that you might tap on something else while you're attempting to tap to scroll. This is no problem if you're the guy who programmed it... cuz you know it's down there. Meanwhile lots of less "savvy" users are staring blankly wondering where the other options are.
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    11-06-12 03:24 PM
  6. Blackman91's Avatar
    Is there any app for the playbook to add "bookmarks" to a video?
    06-09-13 10:47 PM
  7. Blackman91's Avatar
    I found one named mVideoPlayer, works great but you have to sideload it.
    06-13-13 04:47 PM
  8. joshua_sx1's Avatar
    More than two years, and still, they haven't figure it out... while a lot of third party developers made it possible... long time ago...

    Posted via Z10
    06-13-13 11:24 PM

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