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    While RIM showed only a small glimpse of the future BlackBerry offerings in 2012, we’ve gathered some new information regarding a few products to expect. RIM will be expanding its tablet portfolio to two devices in 2012. Originally, the 10″ PlayBook projected was cancelled as RIM focused more on developing QNX into what is now BlackBerry 10. They’re even planning to roll out another 7″ tablet.

    On the phone front, we’ve already told you the rumored BlackBerry 10 slider ‘Milan’ has been cancelled, but we speculate it will be rebirthed later. The first BlackBerry 10 device release looks to be getting pushed back (from the rumored May release), which makes us wonder if we’ll only see one BlackBerry 10 device release in 2012. We’re still unsure what is to come of the other rumored BlackBerry 10 devices. You can also expect at least two more Curves in 2012, but these will be targeted only to the East Asia and Africa markets.

    Here’s a breakdown of what we’re hearing:
    •10″ PlayBook releasing in December 2012, will be LTE enabled
    •7″ PlayBook releasing in April 2012, will be 3G+ (will not be LTE due to chipset)
    •First BlackBerry 10 phone releasing in September 2012
    •PlayBook OS 2.0 releasing end of February 2012
    •Mobile Fusion releasing in April 2012
    •PlayBook Admin Service releasing end of February 2012
    •Two new Curves for emerging markets. One Curve will be 2G only.

    Many were hopeful we would see a BlackBerry 10 device announcement at BlackBerry World in May. We may very well see something, but from what we’ve heard ‘if’ we do it may be in similar fashion as the first PlayBook (behind glass). It’s more likely we’ll only see the new 7″ PlayBook with OS 2.0 at BlackBerry World.

    Although it is dates we weren’t exactly hoping to hear, anything can change. RIM has stated the cause for delay is due to the LTE chipset from Qualcomm, which we’ve already analyzed why the wait may be for the best. We hope the release of PlayBook OS 2.0 and continued market penetration of BlackBerry 7 devices will be enough to keep BlackBerry afloat until the end of 2012 as the wait for BlackBerry 10 will be so worth it.

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    I love rumors!
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    Pretty much already covered by this thread, though the actual link wasn't posted there: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...aybook-689378/
    01-17-12 09:19 AM