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    There's a way in Windows that allows one to use their own icons for various usb devices.

    It uses the autorun.inf file which is placed in the root directory/folder and contains the following contents:


    Those are the contents in my Kindle's root folder. In this instance, it shows an image of my Kindle rather than a generic usb drive icon. Where you have the ico file also in the root.

    So I was wondering if anyone has a reasonable ico or icon file for the playbook yet?


    Sheesh, I guess you (at least, I) canNOT drag anything into the root folder. I just tried and I get a "no permssion to do that" and while I have Adminstrator Permission, it would not work. And I could not alter the Security using the properties of the Z: drive. I can drag stuff into the subfolders. Here's a list of the subfolders:

    Directory of Z:\

    12/31/1969 05:00 PM <DIR> .
    12/31/1969 05:00 PM <DIR> ..
    02/28/2011 02:19 PM <DIR> bookmarks
    02/28/2011 02:19 PM <DIR> books
    04/23/2011 03:25 PM <DIR> camera
    03/09/2011 08:00 AM <DIR> print
    04/23/2011 03:41 PM <DIR> documents
    02/28/2011 02:19 PM <DIR> downloads
    02/28/2011 02:19 PM <DIR> misc
    04/23/2011 03:01 PM <DIR> music
    04/23/2011 02:12 PM <DIR> photos
    04/24/2011 08:19 AM <DIR> videos
    02/28/2011 02:19 PM <DIR> voice
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    04-24-11 10:30 AM
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    I think it may be time to bump this one and see if anyone now has a Playbook.ico file or might one of our artists conjure one up?
    02-12-12 12:48 AM
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    Contributed by another CB member


    I just created a shortcut on my windows desktop and changed the icon through properties.
    02-12-12 10:48 AM
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    Thanks. Last night after posting, I realized that the pb does not allow me/anyone to copy files to the "root" folder on the pb. Files, like icon files, can only be copied to the subfolders. So the automation concept will not work. (this would not apply to those who can root their pb's using, well, the rooting processes).

    I had changed my shortcuts to a rather generic looking tablet from Windows' default icons but wanted something more unique. So thanks.
    02-12-12 11:33 AM