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    Can it be done?

    05-07-14 09:09 AM
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    Unfortunately, no. PB is very limited with what it can do with bookmarks, at least in the native browser. Other browsers like Origami give you more flexibility with editing and renaming. Origami is also a little quicker than the native browser on most sites, too.
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    05-07-14 09:19 AM
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    It is possible to change the image in a Bookmark in a limited way. You need to have your Playbook on private browsing to keep it that way, though.

    Basically, any link saved will open on the current info being displayed by that link. If you use private browsing, then temporarily turn it off, then resize/zoom in/scroll down wherever on that initial page, save it to bookmarks, then turn private browsing back on, your preferred cropped image will be retained. However, it will disappear if, in the future you turn off private browsing and click the link, then the current info of the link will replace it.

    Bookmarks doesn't allow you to rename the site. At times I've zoomed in on a website's search box (also increased the font size for this) and keyed/pasted what I wanted to name it. That, so at least it shows in the image I was going to save. The fourth site's link shows it's possible.

    In the screen captures attached I changed up a few sites. The second screen capture are what they look like after clicking open and with some of these I scrolled around a bit before exiting. Since private browsing is on they will return to what was saved in the first picture after exiting the Playbook browser and then re-opening it.

    Of course, saving instead to the Homescreen allows you to save an adjusted image as with bookmarks and change the name to whatever you want, including use of some other language and Unicode characters. And you don't need to have private browsing on to keep them.
    Attached Thumbnails Renaming bookmarks & changing icons on the PB-img_20131525.png   Renaming bookmarks & changing icons on the PB-img_20131526.png  
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    05-12-14 07:30 PM

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