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    I wanted to have multiple calendars on my playbook, so I thought I could just sync my previously unused Google calendar and then add some others. That would allow me to colour-code the different appointments/activities in my life.

    I synced the default calendar to my playbook and somehow managed to rename it from "Gmail" to "Work", with my email address appearing in smaller text underneath. I then went back to Google Calendar and added a couple of others, only then realizing that those could be named a certain way there, so I named the subsequent ones appropriately. I got them all to sync on my playbook, but now they all appear as "Work" and have the intended names appear underneath in smaller text. I can't figure out how to rename it back to Gmail and just have the titles appear in smaller letters underneath that. Can someone help me change it back to normal? Thanks in advance.
    07-02-12 08:18 PM