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    Here's the Scoop...
    1) I downgraded and then rooted my PlayBook successfully. Even got the # when connecting through Dingleberry.
    2) I screwed up a step on installing the Android Market, so I decided to wipe the device and start fresh.
    3) I accidentally deleted the key that was generated in Putty.
    4) I went through the steps to make a new key (opened Putty, clicked Load, selected the RSA file, clicked Save Private Key).
    5) Now I get this screen when I try to SSH in with Dingleberry and WinSCP.

    Believe me guys, I have searched and searched and have yet to read a clear way to delete the host key and/or replace it. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

    01-13-12 10:50 PM
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    In Windows, I can goto C:\Users\Brett\.ssh and in there is a file called "known_hosts". However, when I open it in notepad and then paste in a generated key from Putty, it still doesn't work. WTF gives?
    01-13-12 11:19 PM