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    So what is everyones thought on buying a refurb Playbook? I bought the 32gb refurb from Bestbuy. Should I order the 64 brand new or stick with this?

    Also what is everyones opinions on warranties?
    What is your battery life like? Cause with little to no use I had 3 days of use to about 38%.

    I have an Ipad and its standby is days..... Just wonder if a brand new PB would be differnt..
    01-28-12 07:09 PM
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    If the price is not that much different, buy the 64 brand new one.

    Blackberry has a one yr warranty and free 90 day Customer Support on NEW ones.

    My battery works fine and it depends on how long it lasts as to the games and such I have been playing. And yes, the battery percentage is less than you have quoted on your Ipad.

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    Also check out the vids in the Blackberry Playbook 101.

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    01-28-12 08:08 PM
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    The refurbished Playbooks from Best Buy don't carry any warranty beyond the first 30 days afaik. I hope this helps your decision.

    As for the battery, download Battery Guru (paid app but it's well worth the money) and see what the battery health is.
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    01-28-12 08:15 PM
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    Thanks, I am on the fence on this one. I have a couple more days to decide. I barely use the ipad now but its clearly due to the size and the connectivity. I love the iphone and apple products its just I can have a nice phone BOLD and connect the 7" carryable PB and use the internet all the time.
    01-29-12 09:09 AM