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    I just ordered today a Blackberry Playbook, 64g, and was wondering what accessories I should buy. I would like a keyboard, but also figure I need some kind of protection for the screen, such as a case or cover. Any recommendations? Also, if I buy a blackberry phone (my provider is Virgin Mobile and the only BB phone for them appears to be the BB Curve 8350), could I go online with the Playbook by bridging it to the phone and how well would that work? My apologies for these questions, which have probably been asked and answered many times before.
    01-03-12 03:48 AM
  2. mc21's Avatar
    -Case: If you want a leather portfolio, I liked the Blurex one I had. It was thin, nice leather feel, and could charge with the case closed. Looks like they are out of stock on Amazon but maybe you can find it elsewhere.

    If you need protection, then the Otterbox is a good choice.

    Charger: A rapid charger is an amazing accessory as it charges much faster. Ignore the 2 neg reviews since they were complaining about getting the wrong item. It is now shipped by Amazon and I didn't have a problem getting the right item.

    Rapid charging dock can be useful if you want to stand your PB up at night. However, you probably do not want a portfolio case for this.

    BB Bridge: Anything with OS5 and up should be able to bridge. This should include the 8350.
    01-03-12 04:01 AM
  3. smuook's Avatar
    +1 on Otterbox. Compared to other cases, it is absolutely an amazing amount of thought, ingenuity, and quality they put in the Defender case for Playbook. I did remove the otterbox screen protector and installed a Zagg invisible shield (screen protector only $19.95). I have used Zagg for several devices now. They used to have a lot more friction, which they called "nano technology". It appears they have gone away from that (which is a good thing). My invisible shield is very smooth and glass like.

    BlackBerry Playbook Screen Protector | invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG
    01-03-12 05:27 AM
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    You might want to check and see if Virgin has any of the other BlackBerries. A search on Bestbuy Canada bring up most of the models. If you have the option, go for one of the newer OS7 phones.

    Search Results - Best Buy Canada
    01-03-12 05:29 AM
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    The Curve 8350 is a rock solid work horse like my favorite 8330, and will have the 5.0+ OS needed for bridging. Insofar as cases go, the OE< leather Journal case is not only elegantly practical, but offers great protection while looking good doing it. Chargers, well the Rapid Travel charger is probably the best for those who use cases, and attaches magnetically as opposed to the mini-usb for charging. Screen protection, the SGP line...I prefer the Ultra Fine Mat.
    01-03-12 06:15 AM