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    This is the relevant to PB excerpt.

    With regards to the BlackBerry PlayBook ? the company?s only tablet device which got a software update recently ? he said that there is something in the works, although he declined to elaborate.

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    10-07-13 04:30 PM
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    Waterloo is the head, without it the rest will die along with it. It's a domino effect. Regardless of how other region do, If other company buy BB and chop into pieces, it will be an instant end of support to all other regions. This company simply run out of time. Sustaining subscribers in that region is not enough, they need to be pick up what BB lost in North America and other regions. Again, even if they could, there's just not enough time to play catch up. The only miracle we can pray for is there is actually a company who would take over and continue to follow BB10 roadmap.
    10-07-13 05:08 PM
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    @ this point i'm inclined to think that BB is dead & going the way of the dodo,,, if they should get back on thier feet, then it would be a welcome surprise,,, you can blow all the rosey smoke you want, but given the misrepresentations & falsehoods that have become SOP, i'm not holding my breath...
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    10-07-13 05:11 PM
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    The point of my thread was that there might be a glimmer of hope for the PB.

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    10-07-13 05:19 PM
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    The point of my thread was that there might be a glimmer of hope for the PB.

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    Honestly, there are things they can improve for the playbook that doesn't cause them that much money, time and effort to develop. The management just do not have the business will and PR savvy to get it done.
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    10-07-13 05:55 PM
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    "He says that BlackBerry does “everything we can locally” to develop the app community here through engaging with them. "

    interesting,,, it took them 2 weeks to get back to me about an idea i have fo an app,,, thier response= "please post your question to our forums..." really???!!! if i wanted answers in a forum, i'd come here.. smh
    10-07-13 06:07 PM
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    Unfortunately, the PlayBook is dead to BlackBerry and he only possible suitors, Fairfax and Cerebrus, aren't in the business of resurrecting failed products.
    10-07-13 07:09 PM
  8. joshua_sx1's Avatar
    I'm still willing to pay for a usable OS upgrade...

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    10-07-13 09:12 PM
  9. BoloMKXXVIII's Avatar
    Dude, I almost wish I could be as optimistic as you. The Playbook is a failed product. It is a failed product because RIM lost a ton of money making it. Who is going to spend more money making it marginally better? Even the newer 3G versions are only marginally updated from the original. By today's standards the hardware is ancient. Even if the new owners were to keep Blackberry whole and it were to magically bounce back AND they were to decide to get in the tablet market again it would be with an entirely new tablet running the new OS. Our Playbooks are all they are going to be right now. Development is dead. There is almost no app development. Enjoy it as long as it is useful then move on to another platform. I keep reading threads about users with battery problems. The attrition rate will only increase as time goes by. The Playbook will only be a footnote in tech history. Great hardware and a good OS made by a company that was clueless and who released the hardware too late.
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    10-09-13 09:53 AM

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