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    Hey everyone recently bought a 64gb playbook to compliment my 16gb. After a bit of use on the 64gb i realized that the touch screen responsiveness was not nearly as good as on the 16 and i had to make multiple gestures and taps to initialize apps and move through the browser, documents, homescreen etc. It was a serious problem so i reloaded the os through desktop manager and while the problem persisted, after leaving the thing alone for a day after initial dissatisfaction with the os reload the problem disappeared. Now, about 4 days later the problem suddenly reemerged much to my chagrin. I had just used the playbook hdmi feature on my tv and also just used bluetooth for the first time since establishing bridge in the setup. Those were the only changes that could have prompted a relapse, though i don't see how. Any thoughts? I would love not to have to return the thing and wait for a new one as it was shipped from RIM and cannot just be exchanged at a local store. I am backing it up, as it is painstaking to get all my settings and media restored after reloading the os, which i will be doing again in order to try and re remedy the issue. I would appreciate any thoughts on the subject and will be cursing the thing until its fixed or condemned, thanks!
    01-01-12 05:58 PM
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    well, being a tech for a lot of years i say its possible you have a hardware issue but to me it sounds like software, this is good as its fixable.

    i say do a full backup, security wipe then do what i can a hard restore. turn off playbook, plug into computer with desktop manager running. at the prompt you get click fix/repair (mac says repair, windoze says fix). this will do a full restore of the system OS. then reload your backup.

    i had a few issues after trying the beta OS and downgrading. i did the steps outlined above and all was good.

    let us know.
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    01-01-12 08:58 PM