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    i previously used a 3G TMo 9700 for a couple years in order to access my work email via OWA on the BB, but work shut down access to only access via Good.
    So i switched phones earlier this year to the new windows 7.5 Lumia 710 so I could get access to 4G and stay away from android which i tried and failed with using the MyTouch.

    I'm off contract now as well but have been with TMo from its pre-Voicestream days. I do not want to get back on contract pending what will happen with the iphone5 and the anticipated BB10 line.

    I have two PBs 16 and 64 GB and have been using them with a clearwire 4G hotspot i use for my laptop.

    But now, i'm getting the hankering to add a line(4th on family plan) and put my 3G 9700 back on my account so i can use it to bridge to my 64Gb PB. A new 4G 9900 will cost like $500-$600 for an off contract plan like mine (unlimited text with a data plan for the lumia). I still like the lumia and the win 7.5 OS and upcoming integration to Win8 apps and MS office. But i do miss a physical keyboard as i've tried the iphone 3GS, mytouch(android) with little success and am still struggling with the lumia.

    with the upcoming BB10, iPhone 5, Win8 and Tango Winphone OS its making it hard to do anything till later this year.

    So the question is whether the extra $10/mo for an additional line with a BB data plan(additional $) are worth it just to bridge the PB to a 9700 over 3G? Or is using the PB browser bridged over 3G just not worth it?

    also other than email the BB 9700's screen is just too small for anything else especially browsing.
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    06-18-12 01:22 PM
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    I used a 3g 9800 bridged to the PB for about a year.
    It's certainly usable. I stream music without buffer and web surfing is not slow.

    You can download the bridge app on the 9700 from rroyy.com/bridge using the phones wifi. Then you can test the bridge app before making a decision. It will be faster then it would be on a 3g but it will give you some idea of the bridge features.
    06-18-12 02:05 PM
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    so i connected to wifi on the 9700 and downloaded the bridge app and then with the phone connected to the clearwire wifi modem i bridged the playbook to the 9700 and the pb connected to the web using smartbrowser but the experience was agonizing slow. way slower than my lumia or my playbook connected directly to the clearwire/timewarner 4g mobile hotspot.
    definitely brought back memories of 3g and reminded me of why i switched phones to get 4g or TMo pseudo 4g.
    they say that TMo will be pushing out Tango this week which includes tethering so i'll check that out first on the Lumia.
    any comments on how bridging on Verizon or ATT compare to using the PB connected directly to wifi? Is it really that slow going through bridge in comparison to a direct connect?
    06-19-12 12:25 PM
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    The bluetooth connection that bridge and tethering use will never be as fast as wifi.
    Here is what I get on AT&T running the 2mb test. Just bridge, WIFI turned off on PB and Phone.
    Edit: This is odd but I get a much slower speed when turning on WIFI on the phone. Down to 800 kpbs. Maybe it has something to data compression over the carrier network?
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    06-19-12 01:23 PM
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    it seems that using wifi on the phone is getting parsed or slowed by the phone.
    probably not a good indicator
    i'll wait to test tethering with 4G on the update lumia before going back to add on the extra line, phone and bb plan to my account.
    06-19-12 05:18 PM