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    There is this site called Gdgt which hosts a lot of reviews of different software and hardware etc. Recently Engadget a big name in tech news and internet traffic started adding these to their news articles. I recently found an article here about the Playbook and saw it didn't have enough reviews.

    If you are interested in publicly rating your Playbook then doing it at Gdgt would be a good idea, as any future Engadget posts concerning QNX or the Playbook will be linked with Gdgt's rating of it on their page. To give you an example have a look at the pic below.

    Just under the post you can see that little box, that is now a regular addition to Engadget articles.
    So, if you like your Playbook, and want everyone to know it, share your opinions and ratings on it, no doubt it will reach a ton more people this way.

    To go directly to Gdgt's Playbook page go here RIM BlackBerry PlayBook - gdgt

    Note: you must click "Have it" or "had it" before you can vote.
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    01-06-12 06:23 AM
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    I used to be a GDGT member but removed myself from their site. Can't remember why I had an issue with them. Got a nice e-mail from one of the founders after I left. He is the boyfriend of Veronica Belmont of Tekzilla. Lucky guy.
    01-06-12 11:18 AM
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    Megs, why do I feel like I saw this thread somewhere else?
    01-06-12 12:06 PM
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    So much misinformation so little time! Could someone go straighten this guy out?
    I have no google facebook or twitter (and proud of it)

    sp12 2 days ago
    You know you're not going to do well when your best selling point is to tell people to root it so that they can use the android market place.

    01-06-12 12:14 PM
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    Nice, glad to see some of you guys rating. It has 5 more reviews now, good stuff! Engadget gets tons of views, any time they post something about the Playbook, the "doom" trolls come out and start flaming, at least this way other users can see that the Playbook is actually pretty darn nice!
    01-06-12 03:00 PM
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    Is this Gdgt or Engadget? whats the diff?
    01-06-12 03:08 PM
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    The rating site is Gdgt but Engadget embeds Gdgt's ratings into their topics.
    01-06-12 03:12 PM
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    Just added a review(under different nick), nice to see some more positivity in the ratings. There are a fair amount of negative responses to previous questions by people who don't seem to know the PlayBook and appear to be basing their (often incorrect) judgement on hearsay.
    01-06-12 05:01 PM
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    Nice, the Playbook needs more reviews! Thanks for posting it!
    01-06-12 06:07 PM
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    The misinformation and misperception of playbook over there will make you cringe...I thought it was bad in Crackberry.
    01-06-12 09:57 PM
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    Only 5 more reviews have been made since I posted this. Surely we can do better than that! Especially considering we managed over 400 votes for an XDA thread..
    01-08-12 01:31 AM