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    Yeah Yeah, Doing a search on all the PlayBook, there is a lot of previously rants on how bad the PlayBook but there are on the concept on Apps.

    The Background:
    I have been using BlackBerry when I got my BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 which was a really Bad phone due to the bugs and 7 replacements but I figure that was due to the Phone and I am really Happy with the Bold 9900.

    I was happy to get the PlayBook on sale for Cheap for the 64 GB version of it.

    The Rant:
    I understand the Major Apps are currently not on it but generally I don't care that much for it ( I do to a extent). I generally happy most of the time using the browser but there are odd times when the browser randomly crashes (a reboot fixes that).

    The major pain is trying to connect it to my PC. I got it to work couple of times in the past but come on its like rolling a dice and if your lucky it connects. The Trick that used to work is reboot the PlayBook while is connected but now that does not work.

    The other major rant is how poor the Print to Go app works. It used to work but now it LIES to me that the document is Sent when I look at my PlayBook its not there.

    First RIM should at least try to get Desktop Manager to recognize the PlayBook and the Print to Go app to work first. I am just praying at least these things start to work.
    09-13-12 09:42 PM
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    Sorry OP, nothing personal but I'm sparing you from the flames.
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    09-13-12 09:55 PM