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    With all the talk about whether 1 GB of RAM was adequate for BB10 on the PB and because my RAM was apparenly getting clogged with Battery Guru getting shut down by other apps, I restarted my PB using the icons under battery and with it in airplane mode. I got 581.4 MB reported free using gear/about: hardware. Then I started by taking airplane mode off which gave me wi-fi. That only reduced it by about 8 MB probably because all my email etc accounts hadn't awakened. Then I started testing other things like email, the browser, crackberry etc. Then I tried Apollo. Of course to see the RAM number I had to have all apps minimized. To my surprise the RAM reading with teapollo minimized was not constant it decreased from about 400 to less than 100 in several steps and then jumped back up to a higher value maybe close to the first value. This behaviour was repeated a couple of times and then the reading would settle down at a constant value. The whole process repeated each time the app was minimized. Now Apollo is the Pandora app for the playbook and when minimized even with pause select for app behaviour it keeps playing. If I change app setting to default I don't get the freaky behaviour. Anybody got an explanation for this? Looks like the best setting is default with Apollo alone loaded. But if Battery Guru is loaded I can get the strange behaviour by switching back and forth and fiddling with the BG stay awake and sleep settings.

    Oh and Red Buttons got into this because his tag line was- Strange things are happening.

    The above was under the last version of the OS.
    Have installed the update to 2.01.1526 build 428550. The strange happenings are still there.
    02-13-13 04:52 PM

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