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    Hey guys was on the site the other day and i searched mp4 movies which brought me to a big list of movies that i could dl, today i go to go to same page and it wont let me for some reason....any ideas? i believe the thread was something to the effect of "mp4 movies i will update as i can" or something lol, any help would be nice. It says now when i try that page that i do not have permission or something like that

    thanks for any help
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    01-03-12 02:30 AM
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    Oh, if that was the page with text links to videos and passwords for those files, I think that there was some thread about it being moved or deleted since the originator might have been concerned about legal issues.
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    01-03-12 09:26 AM
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    That was a quick answer to a quick question!
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    01-03-12 09:34 AM