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    Hey guys,

    This is my first time being on this forum. I used to run Blackberry phones, but had to switch after my phone broke, and my girlfriend gave me her iPhone. Anyway, I'm looking to get back into the whole RIM area, and with the price drops in Canada for the 32 GB Playbook, it's pretty enticing.

    What I'm curious about, as this would also be my first tablet, is if the Playbook can actually be used to get things done, as well as used for entertainment? I'm a university student, and would love to integrate this tablet into my daily routine. I don't care much about a plethora of useless apps (Skype and Netflix would be nice, but with BB10, i'm sure we'll see something), but I'd like to know if the current selection makes the tablet worth it's weight?

    Also, I'm curious what everyone thinks about RIM's status in the economy? Mainly, I'm wondering if this thing will become a brick in the next couple years and be a sunk cost, due to software not working properly, or RIM not *actually* integrating BB10 onto the PB. Or rather, if RIM will go belly-up and we'll be stuck with an unusable device.

    Thanks in advance, and I look forward to seeing what you guys have to say.
    10-19-12 03:25 AM
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    i also bought my playbook with my university in mind. Its a bit hit and miss.... I could get it working pretty well, especially the bluetooth mouse/keyboard support is very nice to use it also as a netbook to get some serious writing done. For Textediting and PDF i sideloaded a few apps like RepligoPDf (great pdf reader with support for highlighting and that stuff) and a Android Office alternative (forgot the name right now and cant look it up because of Playbook RMA, but imo it was better than the built in stuff), freenote is another great note taking app with nice features that missing in official apps. All in all it works quite well but i had to put some work into it. The rear camera is a nice benefit too for taking pictures of presentations and the multitasking is very nice too.

    Its not perfect tho... i really miss USB-OTG to look at scans of pictures and texts i have done on a book scanner in the library or work done on pcs there with no option to connect the playbook but its a no go yet (its deactivated by rim), the camera is not perfect in low light conditions and the office solutions (even sideloaded) cant replace my real netbook from time to time, especially when it comes to powerpoint editing. The current OS also has other little annoying limitations (cant choose default apps (default pdf viewer) for example)

    The big plus is the cheap price at the moment, even for the ones with large capacity and the hope for more features and support with bb10 in the future.

    I think the iPad would be better for university because of all the special apps but for me the device is to big and to expensive. I will definatly check out (atleast in the store) the soon to be released iPad mini, but i have doubt that it comes at a price below 250eur which is my limit for a small 7" tablet. The Nexus 7 may be a nice choice too, USB-OTG and the full android apps library are definatly a plus, but i would really miss HDMI support and rear camera.

    PS: it could also really depend on what you are studying i am a archeologist and miss some GIS, CAD viewers..
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    10-19-12 04:11 AM
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    As for the Playbook not getting BB10, RIM have confirmed it will. I also can't see RIM disappearing anytime soon.

    With regard to if the playbook will let you "get things done" - what type of things do you want it to do?

    Mine never leaves my side - I have the kindle app, all my email accounts, the android version of Evernote running (more functionality than the Playbook native app currently), SmartOffice to let me access all of my Google Docs.
    10-19-12 04:13 AM
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    Ok, as I always state, i'm someone who's used all 3 types of tablet - ipad, android & PB. PB rules over the other. The only downside is USB-OTG. In terms of getting things done you can do it - PDFs, word docs, excel, ppts, finance, notes, cloud storage (files & folders plus other apps like box). I'm not even going to mention media / games as that stops things getting done! lol

    But for a fast, stable, reliable tablet, with excellent BT peripheral connections, & excellent expandability through android apps I don't see what else you need. I personally love Docs2go, but also have a couple of other office apps on my PB (haven't used them yet though). As someone who works in Senior Management in the Education sector i'm always on trains / planes working on reports, finance details, projections, etc. I can check my emails on the go through data connection with my android, read the news on the go, plus work in a spatially efficient area with a BT mouse & keyboard. I love it, the functionality, and bar the ability to plug in a USB & read off it it trumps other tablets & systems imo.

    I did find that USB OTG on Android was also quite buggy - hard to navigate around & seriously savaged the battery when you did it. So having 32 or 64 GB storage you don't really need it. In any event if you have a decent smartphone you can always use the wifi transfer app / functions to get files across wirelessly whilst OTG.
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    10-19-12 04:59 AM
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    First of all, welcome to the forums Hope you enjoy your experience!

    I'm also a university student and i can say that this pretty much does the trick: I take notes with an app on the PDF files, dld files from the emails, add them to the Dropbox, enter the e-learning platforms, etc , always and only using wifi(You can bridge too, but u'll need a BB phone).

    This can also be used for entertainment! I watch tv shows with it, and use a app for the subtitles(i'm portuguese). I also read comics and play some games!

    As you come from Iphone, you may see a difference in the apps quantity, quality and price, but overall, you have apps for all the basic stuff.

    You also can "Sideload" android apps, so it pretty much completes the experience.

    (Search more Sideload and Bridge)


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    10-19-12 05:11 AM
  6. Jonesy1966's Avatar
    It's been a looooong arsed time since I was last anywhere near an institution of higher learning but I vaguely remember what it was like. I do a lot of document creation, presentation (PPT/video) and other businessy type stuff and I am wowed each and everytime. I know that sounds a bit fanboyish but it's taken me a long time to find a product that truly suits my needs. My laptop was good, but portability was sometimes a problem; now I have my PlayBook in one coat pocket, my mini projector in the other and my phone on my hip and off I go! I guess the experience is further enhanced by Bridge which allows me to type, edit and remote control from my phone, (I'm not a big fan of virtual keyboards but the PlayBook's probably the best I've used to date). The PlayBook is going to be updated to BB10 future proofing it for quite sometime. There are rumours out there of a 2nd generation coming soon, thus the lack of current pads, but for value, utility, fun and reliability the PlayBook really can't be beat.
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    10-19-12 08:07 AM
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    I'm in varsity but don't really use PlayBook for alot of work, other than online tutorials. I'm doing Commerce though, so we're not really into colourful projects and that sort of thing.
    10-19-12 11:43 AM

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