1. Bomba27's Avatar
    Hello ,

    I have a bold 9790 without a bis or bes plan. Just a regular data plan trough T-mobile. And most things I need, work.
    Lately im thinking of buying a Playbook , also because of the bridge feature. Now my question is ; Can I use the Bridge options
    and bridge browser to surf the internet ( most important for me ) trough my regular data plan ?
    Or is this without a BIS plan not worthwhile ?
    If not, other tablets might be more interesting for me ...
    01-13-13 08:03 AM
  2. Strikkie's Avatar
    You can bridge without a dataplan to.
    But if you use your bb normally, you do have bis (can you send bbm and recieve mails?).
    T-mobile changed their plans a while back (in holland at least), and dont have a seperate blackberry plan anymore.
    01-13-13 08:35 AM
  3. Bomba27's Avatar
    aha ok but what about using the internet trough bridge without bis ?
    Well actually im from Holland. And I just recently bought the 9790 and put my sim from t-mobile with just a normal data plan inside the phone
    and I can browse the internet and managed to install whatsapp etc. But BMM and blackberry mail,appworld doenst work requires data plan from blackberry it says.
    01-13-13 08:47 AM
  4. Chaddface's Avatar
    I sometimes bridge to a BB phone without a sim card to extending my wifi range. I can bridge to that phone connected to my home WiFi and surf. Everything should work except mail and BBM.
    01-13-13 08:50 AM

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