01-18-12 06:13 PM
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  1. mithrazor's Avatar
    I heard the bezels only have a length of 1 pixel so it shouldn't be that big of a problem.
    01-18-12 03:53 PM
  2. meltbox360's Avatar
    If iphone 5 rumors are true, it's gonna have no bezel (minimal). That will no doubt start a trend. It's a matter of time at after that.
    It won't start a trend and it probably won't happen. The problem with no bezel is that if you try using your thumb and the phone in one hand you will notice that your thumb also comes onto the edge of the phone at the base. If the digitizer is sensitive then the phone will pick up a second touch there. Of course it depends on you finger length and size but it would be a problem for a good few people.
    01-18-12 05:10 PM
  3. Concession's Avatar
    It wouldn't be hard for them to cope.

    Just look at Windows 8. In that OS, only a 1 pixel perimeter is reserved around the screen for bezel gestures. You wouldn't even notice 1 px of bezel, especially with the upward trend in resolutions.

    Even if QNX requires more than 1 px right now, I can't see it being too difficult for them to change that as hardware changes.
    01-18-12 05:21 PM
  4. peter9477's Avatar
    I heard the bezels only have a length of 1 pixel so it shouldn't be that big of a problem.
    That's not true with the PlayBook actually. There's a region roughly 0.25" wide (about 6mm) which is active to touch.

    That would be about 40 pixels, given that the pixels are 0.15mm square.

    The region could be narrower, but note that the smaller the region, the faster the touch controller and its software (and maybe some of the software in the OS itself) would have to scan. Faster scanning would likely also mean increased power, and may require a different touch controller as well, meaning some redesign and/or more expensive parts.

    There are always interesting tradeoffs involved.... engineering is fun work. :-)
    01-18-12 06:13 PM
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