1. beemaabeemababy's Avatar
    I recently travelled abroad to visit family and as I sat down in the aeroplane, I couldn't help but picture my PlayBook on the headrest in front of me instead of that awful low-resolution display.

    Now, it's widely known that QNX is used a lot in car entertainment systems; but is QNX also used in entertainment systems in aircraft?

    I'd love to see everyone on the aircraft swiping their screens and multi-tasking with the built-in PlayBook during the flight!

    Needless to say, I got tired of the on-board entertainment system so I took my PlayBook out for the majority of the flight and played Asphalt 6 while listening to the music I uploaded onto my PlayBook.

    Also needless to say, I must have been the most irritating person there as I was tilting my Playbook left and right to drift through those bends!! And wow, that screen lit up the whole aircraft even on the lowest brightness. So sorry to all those other passengers!
    01-31-12 12:00 PM