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    Received the following email twice. With no new App for OS 10 in the works, AT&T's lack of love towards BlackBerry or its endusers be it OS update rollout, bluetooth bridge capability I'm compelled and forced to look at both at another carrier and Android or iPhone not by choice. Understandably I'm tired of missing out on today's technology in terms of App capabilities and software rollouts.

    I've gone so far remaining loyal always to my allegiance and belief to BlackBerry but through no fault of their own I cannot stand my course. Disappointingly I must consider what is best for me in terms of functionality. I'm not slamming BlackBerry and I wish them great success. Am I leaving because of one App? No. Anyway here's the email...

    Dear Qik Customer,

    We're constantly looking for ways to deliver the best possible
    experience for our customers. Sometimes this means we need to retire
    products in favour of building even better ones.

    So, on 30 April 2014 we'll be retiring Qik.com and all associated
    Qik smartphone and desktop apps across Android, iOS, Mac, Symbian
    and Windows.

    The Qik video messaging technology has now been incorporated into
    Skype. Customers can now enjoy a great experience on Skype with
    features such as video messaging, instant messaging as well as
    real-time audio and video calling.

    For more information about the retirement of Qik, and what this
    means to you, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page at:
    Qik service retiring in April 2014 – IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ : Qik Help and Support Center

    Thank you for all the experiences we captured together
    on Qik we look forward to seeing you on Skype.

    You can learn more about Skype and download the mobile and tablet
    apps from the Microsoft, Google and Apple app stores.

    Desktop apps are available from:
    Skype - Free internet calls and online cheap calls to phones and mobiles

    Skype Team

    The Qik and Skype names, their associated trade marks and logos and
    the "S" logo are trade marks of Skype, Microsoft or related

    Skype Communications S.A.R.L. 23-29 Rives de Clausen,
    L-2165 Luxembourg.

    Terms of use
    Skype’s USA Consumer Terms of Use

    Skype Privacy Policy
    03-24-14 04:03 AM
  2. Old_Mil's Avatar
    Lots of alternatives to Skype these days. It isn't the same since MS got ahold of it.

    Posted via CB10
    03-24-14 06:22 AM
  3. 312Lorden's Avatar
    Lots of alternatives to Skype these days. It isn't the same since MS got ahold of it.

    Posted via CB10

    Such as? and are they free?
    03-24-14 12:54 PM
  4. eddy_berry's Avatar
    Skype is available for BB10. Or is the problem that you don't want to use Skype and all the competition is mostly on these other platforms? Get what makes you happy. That's all I got to say.
    03-24-14 01:26 PM

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