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    From Marketbeat

    RIM Rally Ain't Over: Shares Jump After Earnings - MarketBeat - WSJ

    "RIM is still shipping Playbooks. The company shipped 255,000 tablets in the third quarter. Thats kind of a surprise given the bevy of other tablets on the market and the initial reception of the BlackBerry PlayBook"

    I guess they have plenty of stock, which was completely written off last year already
    The question is that now as there is selloff of all PB's, is there a PB version 2 coming with BB10 ?
    Or is that the end of the line for the PB
    With BB10 phones with touchscreen coming end of January do some of us still need a PB tablet or can we do our work from the BB10 smart phone?

    Or is there a master plan?
    BB10 Phones
    Playbook2 with maybe 2 ghz processor, WIFI, plus a WIFI and LTE version which could act as a hot spot as well?
    The original PB is in May of this year 2 years young and has not seen any hardware update, only software updates
    we really would need a real USB port, plus some popular apps
    In my opinion the BB10 operating system will be more geared to the smartphone market, and for the BP we will have to wait to get a OS10 version

    in order to get back to profitability RIM has to concentrate on their phone business
    The PB is only selling now because of the low price, no one would pay $400 for a 64gb model
    so why would RIM build more tablets just to loose money? RIM cant afford that
    the sell-off is documented by that all PB accessories are really cheap now

    The new LTE model available in Canada does not sell much and no carrier in the US has it in their productline
    So one will have to pay in at the open market, and just gets the best dataplan from any carrier

    I doubt that there will be a PB version 2

    PB = RIP?

    12-20-12 08:49 PM
  2. AVPTI's Avatar
    Far from dead....it will be a new product once BB10 is released.
    12-20-12 09:03 PM
  3. howarmat's Avatar
    12-20-12 09:03 PM

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