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    Yeah, this has been cleared up pretty much. "Nothing for PlayBook".
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    06-29-13 05:43 PM
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    I'm just gonna bump you off the unanswered list. Good post though.
    06-29-13 08:42 PM
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    (as I type this I am hearing a performer on the Dyke Day concert stage at Pride Toronto perform "I don't care how you F**k me" set to the tune of "Get Here" by Olena Adams... it's apt, because BlackBerry needs to know that consumers do care... apt!)

    BB10 won't perform well, so the PlayBook won't get it.

    Thor espouses the strategy that BlackBerry devices should be "aspirational".

    I believe that it will be very difficult for BlackBerry devices to have this aspirational quality if SOMETHING isn't done to Tablet OS.

    What makes a device "aspirational"?

    The notion that has high build quality.
    That it performs well.
    That it is a joy to use.
    ...and the prestige that comes with ownership, even if only in terms of the service and support provided by the vendor.

    The PlayBook CAN be all of these things: it was, but in terms of BB10 handheld, it no longer is.

    It's too soon to walk away from the PB, Thor: you have a third option besides "BB10" and "nothing".

    Recast Tablet OS.

    Do to Tablet OS whatever it takes to give the PlayBook a second life as a BB10 companion.

    Rip out Android support by the intestines if that's what it takes.

    The PlayBook can be THE window into ANY QNX-based technology.

    What i'm suggesting is no more and no less than turning the PlayBook into a "thin client". The tool that can provide a touch / tablet interface for ANYTHING QNX-BASED! Starting with the BB10 handhelds.

    Eventually, expose the Bridge Server API / integrate Bridge Server into QNX.

    Think about what makes automobile brands "aspirational".

    One factor: you can bet when a jaguar owner walks into their jaguar dealer and they have a legitimate complaint about their vehicle, the staff does everything they can to make it right.

    BB, you can afford to fund this development.

    BlackBerry has taken too many body-blows to what used to make BlackBerry device ownership aspirational.

    Leaving the PlayBook in a pool in ignanimity will undermine "aspirationality" to a far greater cost than funding further PlayBook development.

    Thor, you can't afford NOT to fix the PlayBook.
    I don't see why that can't be done.

    I really wish someone in the company would address it and say if what they do have planned even if it is nothing.
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    06-29-13 08:57 PM
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    Good post OP.

    The regrettable part of all this is that PlayBook owners will be treated to a wall of silence.
    06-29-13 10:00 PM
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    Agreed, if the hardware supports it, a Miracast client application would make a lot of sense. However, a stand alone playbook could be extended by an offering improved Android player, and a browser as good as the one on BB10.
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    06-30-13 04:10 PM

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