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    I am going to go off on a rant here so I appologize up front. I love my blackberries. Love my playbook. And it seems I am constantly surroumded by haters. I recently got into a battle with mu lady about tje future of BB. She herself is a blackberry owner. Yet she seems to succomb to the ever present demoralization of Blackberry enthusiasts that is taking place. I come home from work and she proceeds to tell ,e that the playbook will ne nom exsistant before summer is out. That indeed Blackberry will go under because the only thing they offer to anyome is BBM. She knows someone that works at best buy and since they are liquidating thier stock of playbooks is because they are worthless in the tablet market. All this grand information is from a current iphone owner. Its a stupid thing to "fight" about, but most are anyways lol. This ipjonenowner was once a BB owner that switched to android to have a full touchscreen phone and then swore by android. Im told that BB is being beaten in the industry and cant compete. Now correct me if Im wrong but if there were umteen different manifacturers of BB OS phones, the market share would be greater than what it is. Only 1 company makes BB as several make an android phone. Its ******** to me that the OS is really what people are talking about but jave no clue thay its the only difference. My question is what can android or iOS do that my BBOS can not?
    I for one am very excited to be a part of the developement of the next generation BB. I watch the playbook ecosystem grow nearly daily with new app additions. In my opinion, the playbook is better today than what it was a month ago. My BB phone is just as good as any other if not better. So why all the hate? Could it be becaise the other companies are fearful in the future of whay BB will be and with the brand loyalty that it carries so rumors and negative press are spun like that of a goverment election campaign smearing?
    These are exciting times if u look at the bigger picture. Has RIM made mistakes, sure they have. But I ask what corporation hasnt over time? These mistakes will be rectified in time. Beloved Apple was nearly going under. How funny that little fact is ignored when the condemnimg finger is pointed. For anyone reading this who disagrees, then please by all means, educate me. Dont bring facts and polls about market share. Thats all BS. And dont just quote US preference as we all know most people will jump ship to the next big thing. I for one believe despite the supposed "short comings" BB has, in the global market, they are pretty much on par with everyone else. Sure, BB devices are generally more than other devices but no one slams Samsung tvs for being more expensive than other brands. Android is a generic smartphone operating system and is shated by an umbrella of manufacturers. The only true branded OS systems are iOs and BBOs. Each are different in their own ways. There are positives and negatives to both. So why try to cram it down my throat and belittle us BB owners. We are witnessing the dawnimg of the future for RIM. A completely new, revamped OS that is like nothing else out there. I hold such future in my hands now, albiet in its infantile stage. But like every infant, it will grow and I for one am enjoying watching it grow and take shape imto the next big thing.
    Again I appologize for the rant of the tangents that Im going off into. I also appologize for any typos as this is being typed on my PB and Im not so great with the virtual keyboard.
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    01-07-12 01:13 PM