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    It's getting a bit out of control now. I'd looked at the Playbooks when they first came out, but couldn't really justify the cost for what I'd need it for. I got an Asus Transformer instead, to be my companion on long overseas trips avoiding carrying heavy laptops around with me. When the price drop happened, the other half whinged that she wanted a tablet so I got her a Playbook. Thought it was actually far better than my first series Transformer, and got myself one. My colleague in Germany wanted one too, so I got him one. Then his son emailed me saying it was rather cool and could I pick up one for him. Then my parents liked the look of it and wanted one. Then a couple of friends were sufficiently impressed to go out and get one each as well.

    I'm a bit dizzy at this. Each time I've gone into PC World to pick them up there have been comments about what a great bargain they are from other people in the queue and staff (to be more expected I suppose). It goes to show that price and awareness are key to everything - like we didn't already know that.

    Anyone from RIM who wants to send me a present for effectively selling 7 Playbooks for them, let me know!
    12-11-12 09:26 AM
  2. bungaboy's Avatar
    Well here's a Christmas card from me. The best I can do for you. Thank you for your fine efforts.

    Merry Christmas.
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    12-11-12 01:09 PM
  3. Banco's Avatar
    Tht's about the same response I got about 18 months ago when I delivered a great result for a client and suggested a Playbook by way of thanks....lol
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    12-12-12 10:52 AM

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