1. anon(8719892)'s Avatar
    Are there any known issues with BBHtool after the manual mapping to a PB to transfer files?

    I manually mapped the PB as a drive and copied some files over and ever since I cant get BBTool to work.

    I am in Delv mode, IP is correct & there is no yellow triangle against the RIM device in 'devices & printers'

    Iv rebooted both machines.

    I am using a W7 PC.

    This manual mapping is the only thing iv done differently this week.... well apart from the OS upgrade.

    BBHTool is not even 'trying' to connect, I know this as I have tried to put in an incorrect PIN.

    It just gives the EM: Selected BARS Not copied over successfully

    Has anyone encountered this?
    04-05-14 06:14 AM
  2. anon(8719892)'s Avatar
    Sorted it, id be running the BBHTool from my desktop and not its parent dir.

    School boy error :O(
    04-05-14 06:40 AM

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