1. KidCaboose's Avatar
    Hey everyone. I experienced problems on the PC appworld site months ago, and just gave up on it, because I didn't really care anyway. I've recently tried making some changes to payment methods via a PC, and I'm still running into the same problem.

    I've read that I can purchase PlayBook apps through my phone carrier, and the straightforward method for doing it. I've tried this on three laptops now, through two different wi-fi connections, to no avail.

    Problem #1. After signing in with my BlackBerry ID, I can see my devices. Torch 9810, and PlayBook. The default chosen device seems to be the PlayBook. I can choose the Torch, but refreshing the page, or clicking any link of the page selects my PlayBook again.

    Problem #2. Payment options available to my PlayBook don't list my phone carrier as a choice.

    I've read of others with some of these issues, and so far none of the suggestions have worked. Can anyone suggest anything, or point me in the direction of suggestions?

    09-09-12 12:46 PM
  2. madman0141's Avatar
    The reason the phone carrier is not listed is your carrier has no control over the Playbook. You don't need a phone or carrier contract to use PlayBook.
    09-09-12 07:19 PM