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    I searched through the forum to try and find answers but had no luck. Long time pb owner and love it. ok running latest developer 2.1.0.xxx os. The other day I tried watching a youtube video but the video never started. I thought nothing of it and kinda forgot. yesterday I was on crackberry and other websites and tried to play a couple of videos they didnt play but also frooze up the browser. I tried using simple browwser same result. I then went to tablet tv app nothing. video doesn't play and freezes up whatever app I am using. very frustrating.

    Things I done
    soft reset
    hard reset
    cleared all browser cach
    restarted browser and playbook many times
    turned private browsing on and off a bunch

    I could really use any suggestions and would really appreciate it. not sure what to done. thanks

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    06-09-12 06:48 PM
  2. Ben1232's Avatar
    Downgrade to the official OS?

    Another post earlier said more or less the same thing & they was on the beta playbook OS.
    06-09-12 08:07 PM
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    Depending on what type of router you have (mine is a D-Link DIR-601) I went to Settings-Wifi-Saved Network, opened the network, went down to Band Type and switched from Dual Band to 2.4 GHz. My router and PB seem to approve of this change.
    06-09-12 08:41 PM
  4. Stewartj1's Avatar
    I fixed that issue by doing a wipe and reload.

    Be sure to do a back up with the latest DM software first.
    06-09-12 08:50 PM