1. djrupey's Avatar
    OK, so after month of me badgering him, my brother finally buys a 64Gb Playbook today to complement his Torch 9850/60 (not sure which one, but we are in the UK).

    Playbook updates to the latest OS on powering up for the first time. So far so good. Brother tries to set up Bridge. Downloads BB Bridge onto the Torch, follows all the instructions on that and the PB, including reading the PB barcode, then finds that the "Connect a New Tablet" button on the phone's Bridge page is missing.

    Without that he says he can't get the two to connect. Has he missed out something?
    Or is there a bug in Bridge or his phone? He has deleted and reinstalled Bridge, but without success.

    Unfortunately I am 400 miles away so cannot help except by phone. It is some months since I set up Bridge on my PB and Storm 9520, and it worked flawlessly, but I can't remember the exact procedure.

    Can anyone help?
    09-03-12 03:55 PM
  2. skyrocket9's Avatar
    Make sure bluetooth is turned on, and keep re-trying some times its testy.

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    09-03-12 03:58 PM
  3. djrupey's Avatar
    OK thanks. I think he may have forgotten to switch the Playbook Bluetooth on and switched it to Discoverable.
    09-03-12 04:21 PM