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    Anyone else having problems with Video Chat from PlayBook to PlayBook recently?

    When I try to initiate a chat from my PB with my brother (his only BlackBerry device is a PB), the symbol is greyed out. If I still press on it it states that the contact is not available. When he initiates the chat and I press the button to participate it states that it tries to connect but after a few seconds and before the chat is started it closes.

    Having a video chat from my Z10 to his PB is no problem, though. The same time the symbol is greyed out on PB it is green on Z10 and I can initiate the chat or receive it normally.

    That is a new problem to me. The only thing I changed was installing 10.2.1 on my Z10 but I don't see how that may have affected the PB-PB connection.

    Edit: Solved. I just forgot to update his email address on my PB
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    01-30-14 01:14 PM
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    Glad you got it working and it was a simple solution.
    02-01-14 04:50 PM

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