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    When I hook my Playbook to the PC via Desktop I can backup so it is connected but I get the above message when trying to view files. I am unable to move any files on to the PlayBook. I have made sure File Sharing is turned on on the PlayBook. Also, when I connect my Bold to the PC I can see the files on it but not the files on the SD card.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.
    04-25-11 11:39 AM
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    Did you ever get the file transfer issue sorted out with the playbook? i am having the same problems, i'm at the end of my knowledge
    11-22-11 01:12 PM
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    I have the same problem and certain that it is a computer problem and not a PB problem. My problem is not solved yet, but this might work for you: (as it did for others):

    - File sharing on PB must be on
    - Turn WIFI sharing off
    - Protect File sharing on PB with a password
    - In RUN > MSCONFIG > SERVICES > "Tcp/ip netbios helper" MUST BE enabled (and restart computer)

    Good luck!
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    11-22-11 01:20 PM
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    Thanks it worked just figured out how to enable the service, #now #transferring #files to my #PlayBook
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    11-22-11 07:12 PM
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    Tcp/ip netbios helper is already enabled on my PC but I still get the error message. I have just run a Playbook backup to my PC so I know they recognise each other. As soon as the backup is done, try to access Files in the Desktop software and get this message.
    11-10-13 08:27 PM