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    I was wondering if anyone is having issues deleting emails for a gmail account on their playbook's email native client.

    I have 3 email accounts setup with my playbook, one yahoo, 2 gmail. For the yahoo email account, the deletion works. For the gmail accounts however, a deletion from the playbook does not carry forward to the server and phone.

    Anyone encounter this?

    (FYI, 1 gmail account has email, calendar, and contacts syncronizing as an exchange account. The other is just setup as an email)
    07-05-12 10:31 AM
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    I believe you have to enter your Gmail Account Settings. There may be a box (somewhere if you can find it) you have to check in order to remove email from server.
    07-05-12 01:31 PM
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    See this documentation for Google Sync. It is for iOS, but I imagine that this issue is the same for any Google Sync client:

    | Google Sync Known Issues with iOS - Google Mobile Help
    When using Google Sync, certain actions in Gmail may have a different behavior than you're used to. For instance, if you "delete" a message from your Inbox, the default action is that it will archive the message and not delete it. To delete the message, you need to ...
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    07-05-12 02:11 PM