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    What does BES see; what can be tracked/logged? - Port3101.org : Your BES Connection

    The above link answered most of my questions about BES and personal info on a work BB but I could not find anything relating to a PB bridged to a BES BB.

    Does anyone know if info on my PB can be accessed while bridged? I would assume that any browsing would be (potentially) logged but what about files on the PB? Are they viewable to a BES admin?
    09-27-11 05:14 PM
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    BES admin can not see the BIS e-mail, and we see nothing else on the device, what we can do is disable the bridge function from the BB to the PB, but no data is exposed from the PB to the BESAdmin.
    I'm at SP level 5.01, and on another environment at SP level 5.03 new IT Policies are added in this SP regarding PB and Bridge.
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    09-27-11 06:12 PM