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    I've looked high and low and cannot find an answer to my problem. I'm trying to use PowerPoint for presentations and I need the notes on the slides. Connecting the HDMI out to the projector (or my TV, when I'm practicing), I can't get the slides to show without the notes.

    I've tried every Application Behavior mode - Default, Showcase, Paused - and nothing works. The notes still show on the projected screen.

    What am I missing? I've seen post after post that says I can project the slides while being able to view the slides and the notes on my Playbook.

    Any pointers here would be greatly appreciated.
    07-04-12 11:20 AM
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    FINALLY found my answer in this video CNET TV | Video Product Reviews, CNET Podcasts, Tech Shows, Live CNET Video - CNET TV. Basically, there is a lock button that has to be pushed (in the upper right hand corner) to have the slides show on the projected screen and still use the notes on the Playbook.

    Now to solve the next problem, which I'm pretty sure I saw discussed somewhere else (slides not displaying - every other one is scrambled).
    07-04-12 12:20 PM
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    OK - so my problem wasn't the same as what others have experienced. What's happening is that every other slide refuses to display IFF the Playbook is locked to display just the slides on the projected screen. As long as the display is NOT locked, it displays fine.

    I've tried different resolutions to see if that fixes the problem - no dice.

    07-04-12 12:38 PM
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    Found that I needed to turn off the Showcase mode. When set to default, it works fine.
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    07-04-12 01:10 PM
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    Thanks for sharing your discoveries. It is sure to help someone.
    07-04-12 01:43 PM
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    Yes thanks for this. I am just starting the PP journey on my PB.
    07-04-12 10:53 PM