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    The Verge is reporting the possibility of RIM selling off the handset division to 3 possible buyers: Amazon, Facebook or Microsoft.
    RIM may sell handset business, according to The Sunday Times | The Verge

    If Amazon buys BB, the handsets will be minimalistic in keeping with their Kindle Fire, which has barely any of the common technology of real tablets. If FB buys it, who knows what the resulting product will be. If Microsoft buys it, forget about updates and anything MS says about the handsets, the opposite might happen...if anything at all happens with them.
    06-24-12 08:24 PM
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    Sad to say but I'm having doubts RIM will survive long enough for bb10 to be released.
    06-24-12 08:34 PM
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    All these people outside Canada do not know how things work in Canada, it's never going to be allowed to simply just be bought. I don't care what's been said in the past about RIM by the Gov, politicians never lie...

    Oh, and British papers, nuff said, LOL.
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    06-24-12 08:46 PM
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    There are other threads on this and it was on the front page twice...

    Please post here..

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    06-24-12 08:49 PM