1. exvag's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I've been reading the various threads in here since I found an old playbook which we bought back in 2012. It's probably been in storage for around 3 years so I've followed the relevant instructions to stack charge but to no avail.
    The 2 closest methods to getting it fired up have been this one
    where the device briefly showed the battery with charge symbol on the screen, it came up ever so briefly and with all the wrong LED colour indicators. Tried many many times and still nothing.
    Also tried the 1min charge, unplug, 1 minute charge, unplug method as well, for about 40 mins but this didn't work either.
    I then found this one Blackberry Playbook Charging Problems | PatriaGuides which I thought worked as the battery and charge symbol appeared on the screen, it was a eureka moment when it stayed on the screen so I left it to charge for a good 12 hours. I came down the next day expecting it to fire up, but was left disappointed, the only bonus this time was that the boot up screen appeared on the device, you know, the blackberry writing and the psychedelic multi coloured bubble background, but this soon disappeared and I was left with nothing again. Tried this method a few more times leaving it to charge overnight but I can't get the thing to go any further.
    I've tried with another charger but it only pushes out 5v@2amps, I'm also toying with the idea of buying one of those rapid charge docks I've found on eBay BlackBerry PlayBook Rapid Charger Dock Charging Pod Docking 4G LTE NEW | eBay

    Am I throwing my money away? Should I give up on the Playbook?
    Does anyone know anything else I can try?

    08-10-17 04:11 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Will say that of two PlayBooks I owned, both were sent in for USB replacements.... so it is possible that it is the USB port that is the issue.

    That said... what do you expect to do with this device?
    08-10-17 07:11 AM
  3. exvag's Avatar
    Hmm I've checked it out, by that I've referred to all the threads that have mentioned issues with with the USB port and I 'think' it's ok, but that's another reason I thought I'd go down the rapid charge dock avenue just in case it is a dodgy USB port... I guess it'll be under $20 so might be worth a pop.

    Once I get it powered up and running I'm hoping to be able to root it and get the android apps running on it. I've read a number of threads and on paper it looks pretty straight forward for someone who knows what they're doing, I can't even get the thing to charge properly so still looking for the elusive idiots guide!
    08-10-17 10:01 AM

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